Head to an Urgent Care Center, Not a Hospital

November 18, 2015

" Have you ever suffered a minor injury, driven to the emergency room for care, and waited an excruciating 3 or 4 hours to receive a doctor’s attention? Chances are your time during treatment in the hospital included a dizzying number of personnel, tests, and signed papers followed by a medical bill large enough to induce a heart attack on the spot… if you could afford the additional care! While emergency rooms are lifesavers, literally ...

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Before Traveling, Consider Your Medical Needs

November 4, 2015

" Traveling internationally is an experience to treasure, but you won’t have many pleasant memories if you are sick throughout your entire trip. Medical preparation is easy to overlook in the midst of planning an out of country adventure, but it’s a vital step in ensuring you stay healthy since the dynamics of travel make your body more vulnerable to foreign diseases. You will definitely want to visit a travel medicine clinic 4 to ...

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