Terrified of Your Vaccinations? Here’s Some Helpful Advice

August 19, 2015

" If you know that you need vaccinations or immunizations, the first thing you’re likely to think of is the needles involved. Even for the toughest person, needles can inspire an element of fear, and for some people, they can be out-and-out terrifying! It’s actually believed that 1 in 10 Americans have a fear of needles, so if you do, understand that you are certainly not alone. Here’s some useful tips to cope ...

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Worried About Your Diet? Here’s Some Tips to Change Your Eating Habits

August 4, 2015

" In the US, obesity is a big problem. It’s one of the main causes of heart disease, diabetes and stroke and is principally down to diet. However, in a world where fried foods tempt us from every restaurant and candy calls from every shop, changing bad eating habits can feel like a real challenge. However, if you’re serious about staying healthy, it’s vital to start addressing negative diet choices and develop a ...

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