Sore Throat, Temperature, Headache… Just When Should You Take Your Child

July 28, 2015

" All children get ill occasionally. It’s very common for kids to go to school, come into contact with an infectious classmate, then bring home the germs to share with the rest of the family! However, while most childhood illnesses are seldom serious, there are times when you may need to seek urgent medical care. Here’s a brief guide, outlining when you should take your child to your local urgent care specialist. Knowing the ...

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Taking Your Child to Urgent Care Services: How to Ease Their Anxiety

July 14, 2015

" For children, seeing a doctor can be a worrying event. After all, it’s likely that in the past, they’ve experienced sharp needles, stinging ointments and slightly unpleasant-tasting medicine courtesy of their local doctor, which can make them unsurprisingly a little wary! If your child has an accident or is unwell, and you need to bring them to an urgent care appointment, here’s a few great ways of soothing them before they arrive ...

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