What Does That Lab Test Mean?

June 23, 2015

" Diagnostic laboratory testing is a whole field of study dedicated to providing detailed information about the body’s inner workings. Each result puts a physician closer to the inclusion or exclusion of a diagnosis. Results can pinpoint infection, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and cardiac disease to name a few. Without this lab work, the physician is not able to correctly gain insight into the patient’s condition. Lab testing can be done on any type of ...

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Diagnosing Joint Pain: When Should You Visit Urgent Care?

June 9, 2015

" Joint pain can be very disconcerting, and the cause can be difficult to pinpoint. Many diseases have joint pain and discomfort as a hallmark symptom while for others, it can be a non-specific complaint. Joint pain can be caused by anything from a sports injury or broken bone to a more complex diagnosis of cancer or an autoimmune disease. Diagnosis of Joint Pain Making the diagnosis and finding the root cause of your joint discomfort ...

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