Doctors and Nurse Practitioners: Who Does What

April 28, 2015

" The difference between doctors and nurses lies in the training of each. Doctors graduate from college, then spend four years in medical school. After medical school comes residency, a minimum of three years for primary care careers such as family practice and pediatrics. Specialties like surgery and psychiatry take longer, usually at least five years beyond medical school. And subspecialties, neurosurgery for example, take even longer. A doctor spends at least seven and as many ...

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Musculoskeletal Injuries: The Differences between Sprains, Strains and Breaks

April 21, 2015

" SPRAINS A sprain is a tear or a stretch of the tissue connecting two bones (ligament). Ligaments are essential in stabilizing and supporting the body’s joints. For instance, knee ligaments connect the lower and the upper leg. Sprains are caused by injuries that overstretch a joint, or rupture supporting ligaments. A twist, fall, or blow to the body can result into a sprain. A moderate sprain tears the ligament partially, causing the joint to ...

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If You’re Sick, We’re Quick! The Benefits of a Walk-In Clinic

April 7, 2015

" It’s the weekend and you’re not feeling so hot. In fact, you feel terrible and can’t stand the thought of suffering through an entire weekend of torture before calling your family doctor on Monday. Yet, it is not an emergency, so the Emergency Room is out. Lucky for you, you can drop by a walk-in clinic. Walk-in clinics, or convenient care clinics, have a wide array of benefits associated with them. Since ...

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