How to Convince a Loved One to See the Doctor

March 24, 2015

" When it comes to visiting the doctor, many of us are essentially hypocrites. We have the best of intentions of course but that doesn’t mean that we will necessarily always follow our own advice. If you know someone with an injury or illness for instance, you will likely urge them to visit a doctor as this is what anyone tends to do when they love someone. We then tend to get increasingly frustrated as ...

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Why You Should Always Get Aches and Pains Seen To

March 17, 2015

" If you have a joint or muscle ache, then you might well think of it as something ‘not pressing’ that you can put on the back burner. No one ever died of a knee pain right? So why leave it? Actually, there are many reasons to get these issues addressed as soon as possible and in fact you should consider making a visit to the urgent care clinic even if you don’t feel like ...

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How to Tell a Heart Attack From Other Causes of Chest Pain

March 10, 2015

" If you think there is any chance that you might be suffering from a heart attack, then it is always crucial that you seek immediate medical attention and urgent care. In these situations, it’s always better to go to the doctor and to find that you didn’t need to than it is to stay at home and find out it really was a heart attack. Still though, there are certainly some checks you ...

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How to Look After Your Health When You’re Not in Your Home Town

March 3, 2015

" Most of us tend to assume that when we’re ill, we will be in our home country and home town and able to see our usual GP who we signed up to. This is a nice idea but unfortunately life has a habit of ruining our best laid plans. Disease and injury doesn’t wait for anyone and it certainly doesn’t care whether you’re on holiday or on a business trip. And ...

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