Measles Cases Have Been Confirmed in South Florida

January 20, 2015

" One of the worst times for a parent is when there child is sick. There are many different viruses and sicknesses that can afflict children and the faster they get treatment, the easier it will be for them to bounce back. This year an old virus that many had thought to be eradicated has starting showing up again. The measles were a big problem a few years ago and it seems as if the virus ...

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Why is This Year’s Flu Vaccine So Ineffective?

January 6, 2015

" One of the most dreaded time of the year is the flu season, which can affect a number of people from around the world. In order to combat the flu, the Center for Disease Control creates vaccines and shots each year, which can be quite effective in the right circumstances. This year’s flu vaccine seems to miss the mark and many people who took it seemed to get sick with the virus anyway. There ...

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