Can You Trust Social Media for Urgent Care Recommendations?

November 27, 2014

" If you are in the market for an urgent care facility, you might be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. You might be in a panic. You might be even getting so desperate that you would take any recommendation from anybody. Even if you don’t know the person or even if you just saw a mention of the place on the internet somewhere, you might be gravely tempted to just ...

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How to Use the Internet to Find the Right Walk-in Clinic

November 20, 2014

" Thanks to the explosion of mobile devices like tablets and smart phones more and more people are continuously plugged into the internet. This has really exploded the use of the internet to make buying decisions. Of course, we’re buying decisions-we’re not just talking about buying products off a shelf. We’re also talking about selecting the right kinds of services. This is especially true when it comes to medical services like finding the ...

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How to Pick the Right Walk-in Clinic

November 13, 2014

" The dangerous thing about walk-in clinics is that the name can be quite deceptive. In fact, the real name of a typical American walk-in clinic is an urgent care facility. In many cases, people don’t walk-in–they rush in. People come in for all sorts of conditions-a burst appendix, to a stubbed toe, to small cases of industrial accidents, and all points in between. The main reason why people prefer walk-in clinics compared to ...

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The Five Top Reasons for Visiting an Urgent Care Clinic

November 6, 2014

" Usually when people think of getting emergency care, they automatically think of the emergency room at the nearest hospital. While this seems to be the ideal scenario in the minds of many people, this is not, in practical terms, the optimal option in many cases. In fact, there are five key reasons why you should consider visiting an urgent care facility instead of your neighborhood hospital. Keep in mind that the phrase “neighborhood hospital” is ...

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