Vaccination Myths Exposed

September 18, 2014

" More than 90% of pediatricians have at least one parent who refuses vaccinations for their children. That is a dangerous statistic. Even one unvaccinated child can be responsible for the spread of a disease in a community. Vaccination is a critical part of our health infrastructure, and, sadly, some parents are so inundated with misinformation about vaccinations that they refuse to get them out of fear, ignorance, or distrust of the system. Let’s look ...

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The Benefits of Medical Walk-in Clinics

September 4, 2014

" Walk-in clinics, or urgent care centers, as they often are called, offer many benefits over Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) or Emergency Rooms (ERs). When compared to primary care physicians, some of the advantages include: Onsite Lab Services – Walk-in clinics have the facilities to do their own lab work, including blood work, EKGs and x-rays. This saves the patient from having to wait days (or longer) for lab results to come back to their primary doctor ...

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