When You Need to See a Doctor

April 22, 2014

" It can be hard to determine when you need professional medical attention and when you just need to “tough it out.” Minor symptoms are a normal part of life, so every time you feel a little off you don’t need to run to the doctor. But when do you need to make the trip? You Have Difficulty Breathing or Chest Pain When you’re congested, chest pain is something that might bother you. But ...

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Why Are Urgent Care Clinics Popular Now?

April 17, 2014

" Urgent care clinics aren’t new, but their growing appearance in our communities is definitely noticeable. They might even join Starbucks and McDonald’s in the “on every corner” jokes. The rise of the urgent care clinic boils down to two things: customer service and medicine have finally been combined and these clinics are the solution to many patient woes. Faster Service at Walk-in Clinics When you need immediate medical attention, it can be hard ...

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Stomach Bugs: What You Need To Know

April 15, 2014

" The stomach flu doesn’t seem to have a favorite season. It strikes when it wants and it’s downright unpleasant. It can also be frightening, which is why emergency rooms get a lot of patients with gastrointestinal bugs. However, most stomach bugs can be treated at home or a stop at your local urgent care clinic. Since they’re so common, it’s important to have an understanding about what they are, what you ...

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Stay Healthy This Summer

April 10, 2014

" Warmer weather doesn’t mean a lack of health issues. You may not have people cooped up in close quarters, but potential health hazards are still lurking. Here is a list of ways to keep you and your loved ones healthy during the warmer months. 1. Use Caution When Grilling Grilling outdoors is a fun way to enjoy the spring and summer days. You also need to watch out for a few things. To prevent ...

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How Healthcare Reform Affects Urgent Care

April 8, 2014

" Now that the big push to get everyone enrolled is over, it’s time to start thinking how our new healthcare program will affect the industry of medicine. In particular, you might wonder how all these new urgent care, or walk-in care, clinics will deal with the change. Over the last couple years, there has been a big popularity spike with these types of clinics. What you might not realize is these clinics have been ...

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Do I Even Need a Primary Doctor Anymore?

April 1, 2014

" You or your family member is sick. What do you do? Before, your best option was to call your primary doctor and plead to get an appointment within a few days. Now, with so many urgent care clinics being added, you have the option to drive to one and walk in. You’ll probably be out in less than an hour. Even if immediate medical attention is not the issue, walk-in clinics offer vaccinations and ...

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