Urgent Care Centers Seek to Relieve ER Overuse

March 28, 2014

" To understand the reason for the rise in emergency room visits, there are several factors to look at. Medical insurance seems to be a culprit on both sides of the coin for increased ER visits. Patients With Coverage On one side, there are the patients whose healthcare is covered but feel the ER is the best place to go because either their primary care physician’s office was not open (typically over nights, weekends or ...

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Back to Basics: Walk-in Clinics Serve Basic Needs Quicker, Cheaper

March 24, 2014

" Walk-in medical centers or clinics arose from the need for patients to have faster, less expensive options for their general healthcare. Although these clinics do accept most insurance plans, their focus remains providing medical care to the uninsured or underinsured, but even patients with an established primary care physician are choosing walk-in clinics for routine care due to several advantages. Those advantages primarily center on cost and availability of services. Walk-in Clinic Growth Benefits Patients ...

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Walk-in Clinics Popular For Quick Vaccinations

March 20, 2014

" You’re no doubt aware of the importance of getting your flu vaccine every year, especially if you fall into certain risk categories. But did you know that pneumonia can be prevented too? With pneumonia being the leading cause of death in the United States that can be prevented by vaccine, your nearest walk-in clinic will be armed and ready to protect you each year when the vaccines become available. Preventing Pneumonia Pneumonia is a ...

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When Should You Visit an Urgent Care Center?

March 14, 2014

" It should first be noted that an urgent care center is not meant to be a replacement for your primary care physician. Your primary care physician will have an extensive knowledge of you and your medical history, your background, lifestyle and will know best what long-term treatments, if needed, will be in your best interest. Urgent care centers are best when it is not possible to get an appointment with your primary doctor due to ...

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Growing with Demand: Walk-in and Urgent Care Clinics

March 3, 2014

" Seeking to serve a special niche in the health care community, walk-in medical clinics and urgent care centers have been cropping up in communities large and small across the U.S. They exist near other medical offices, hospitals, and in rural areas where access to health care is difficult at best, even now in retail chain drug stores. While some are classified as more equipped than others are, they all have one thing in common ...

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