Five Things You Didn’t Know About Walk-In Clinics

November 22, 2013

" When you think of medical care, the first images that pop into your mind are doctors’ offices and emergency rooms. One for non-emergencies, the other for urgent care, these two institutions have been the cornerstones of the health industry since the days of doctor house calls. There is, however, an increasingly popular option that’s working its way into the healthcare spectrum, threatening to shake the tradition of the doctor’s office and the ER ...

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How Urgent Care Supports Personalized Care

November 15, 2013

" Urgent care centers treat a wide variety of injuries and sicknesses. Their fast, no-appointment and less expensive services are very attractive to non-ER patients. They are usually open in the evenings and weekends and are required by law to have a fully qualified physician on site. Urgent Care Centers Performs Legwork for the Primary Care Provider Urgent care centers are usually open during after-hours and weekends when the office of a primary care provider is ...

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Fear of the Hospital: A Foreign Student’s Policy

November 12, 2013

" Thousands of foreign students enroll annually in the American educational system. Most have this strategy drummed into their ears by loved ones before they arrive: ‘Avoid the American healthcare system’. This fear stems from the fact that receiving healthcare in the U.S. can be very expensive and parents would have already depleted their funds to pay for academic expenses. This belief causes most foreign students to miss a vital facility offered on most university ...

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