Pre-participation Physicals in Clearwater, FL

Along with our Clearwater sports injury care, AFC Urgent Care also specializes in providing sports physicals. Known as a pre-participation physical examination, or PPE, a sports physical is commonly required by states before your child becomes eligible to play a sport, join a camp program, or enroll in school. The purpose of these physicals is to ensure that your child or teen is healthy and capable of participation without consequence. It is always a good idea to have a physical before joining a program that requires rigorous activity to  reduce the likelihood of increased illness or injury.

There are two parts to a sports physical. The first part of the exam consists of finding out about the child’s previous health records and history. Do they have asthma? Are they allergic to anything? These questions will help our physicians to accurately gauge the potential problems that may arise while playing the sport of choice. For example, kids who have asthma may be prescribed a sports inhaler instead of their usual one for preventative measures.

The second part of any sports physical is the physical examination. This exam is customized to meet the needs of your child’s program and typically includes:

  • General health screening
  • Measurement of height, weight, vision function, hearing function, & blood pressure
  • Administration of missing vaccines (if needed)
  • Referral to a primary care physician or specialist (if needed)

At AFC Urgent Care Clearwater, we accept walk-ins for sports physicals to have your child playing their favorite sport in no time as safe as can be. We can provide the school with the properly signed form and answer any other questions you may have as a parent.

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