Saliva PCR Testing for COVID-19 is now available at all AFC Urgent Care Clearwater, pending supplies. Check the red announcement banner at the top of our website for latest information about availability.

Saliva sampling is a noninvasive alternative to upper respiratory swabbing, which means that if you require frequent testing you don’t have to deal with uncomfortable swabbing! Saliva tests still utilize the industry standard for diagnostic COVID testing and provide accurate and reliable test results.

Saliva COVID-19 Testing Overview:

COVID-19 particles are found in saliva, as well as in respiratory droplets, which means that a saliva analysis of an infected patient can accurately determine the prevalence of COVID-19. A saliva test takes a small sample of a patient’s saliva with standard molecular testing to confirm a COVID-19 infection.

Laboratory testing aims to identify the presence of viral genome in the saliva sample using molecular methods that are similar to those used for nasal swab testing.

How Does Saliva Testing Work?

COVID-19 Saliva Testing works by taking a very small sample of a patient’s saliva. Patients just need to provide a very small collection of saliva and let it carefully pool into a sanitized container.

Patients are encouraged not to directly spit or force saliva out of their mouths since that could cause aerosol contamination if the patient has COVID-19. Instead, patients are requested to carefully pool their saliva from the bottom on their mouth into the container.

In approximately 24-36 hours, saliva test results are returned back to the patient.

Is Saliva COVID-19 Testing Accurate and Useful?

Not only is Saliva COVID-19 testing in Clearwater, FL more comfortable but it is highly accurate when compared to standard testing. The Food and Drug Administration explains that saliva tests are very accurate in detecting small traces of the virus, are easy to transport and resupply, and offer an equal alternative to swab testing.

If you need to begin a swab test or COVID-19 testing then contact AFC Urgent Care Clearwater. Just visit our clinic at anytime to begin Saliva testing!