What are the Highest-Risk Activities for COVID-19 Infections?

February 2, 2021


During the COVID-19 outbreak, measures like wearing a surgical mask while outside and frequently sanitizing your hands are essential. However, they are not the only precautionary measure you need to take. Numerous activities exacerbate the risk of contracting the virus. Due to the winter season and other factors, the US is experiencing a rapid increase in coronavirus cases. The second wave is dangerous, but people are not taking it seriously.

The best thing you can do to yourself and your family is to completely isolate yourself or live in a neighborhood with a limited population. However, it can be difficult for most people to disconnect from the outside world. You need to collect resources and other essential items to keep yourself going. For starters, you should recognize activities that prove a higher risk for COVID-19 infection.

Riskiest Activities for COVID-19

1.      Visiting Crowded Areas

Visiting crowded areas such as airports, bars, events, and other venues involves a higher risk of spreading the virus. You should always remember that in such crowded spaces, you are more likely to contract it. Hence, it is better to stay at home and work from home if possible.

2.      Traveling

Traveling can also be dangerous. This doesn’t just refer to going on a cruise or taking a flight. In fact, even your daily commute can be dangerous, especially if you rely on public transport like the bus or subway. Cruises and planes are a hotbed for the spread of COVID-19 because of the infected surfaces and recirculation of air.

3.      Avoiding Masks

Not wearing a mask when you are outside your home can have dire consequences. Wearing a mask is essential, and you should add this is your daily habit. Even if you are heading to the ATM or grocery store, wearing your mask properly should be the first thing you should do before leaving your home.

4.      Not Maintaining a Distance

According to healthcare officials, you need to maintain a six-foot distance from others, which is not optional. There are some chances that you might get the virus even if you are wearing the mask. So you should avoid handshakes and hugs while maintaining a safe distance.

It has been a year since we have started following safety precautions and practicing social distancing. This duration is enough to develop a routine that incorporates precautionary measures. However, if you feel that you are experiencing symptoms of COVID, or you recently came into contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19, contact an urgent care center immediately. They will provide you with a COVID-19 testing kit to check if you are positive or not.


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