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Sports Physicals

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Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals In Tampa & Citrus Park, FL

kids sports physicalsIf you have a child enrolled in school from 1st grade to college then you already know they will be required to receive a physical before each sports season in summer and during the school year. Sports physicals are extremely important for your child’s safety. A sports physical will test to see if you’re the child can play their sport without causing major harm to their own body. AFC Urgent Care Tampa offers sports physicals all year round!

Importance of School Physicals

Physical activity is extremely important for a growing child. Sports are a great way to have your child get into a healthy habit on their own, while also giving them other benefits such as:

  • Learning responsibility
  • Being introduced to friends
  • Learning the importance of eating healthy

AFC Urgent Care Tampa urges parents to help your children find sports they enjoy and enroll them once the school year starts.

School physicals are important because they allow one of our Medical Care Providers to check to see if your child has any pre-existing medical conditions that may lead to serious injury if they play a specific sport. One of the most important parts of a physical is the asthma check and heart check. If your child suffers from acute asthma then there is still a chance they can play their sport! Checking to make sure your child’s heart can handle the strain of a certain sport is extremely important. Too much strain on a child’s heart can lead to a serious cardiac event which could lead to serious and even fatal consequences.

Childhood is a very rapid experience, the body changes every year! For this year’s sports physical please, bring then into AFC Urgent Care Tampa! Call us at (813) 960-1100

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