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Flu Shots

Flu Shots

flu shot

Flu shots in Tampa & Citrus Park, FL

Flu season takes up the majority of the year starting around the end of September. AFC Urgent Care Tampa will be offering flu shots all season long. At AFC Urgent Care Tampa you will never need to call ahead to make an appointment all of our flu shots are walk-in friendly. We believe in helping you protect yourself against one of the most dangerous and prevalent U.S health concerns a priority to us.

Don’t Put It Off

Make sure to do some research on the flu if you are debating getting your flu shot this year. It is a common misconception for people who have never had the flu to believe the flu is a type of cold or something they can manage. The truth is, the flu is a very serious and dangerous disease if untreated the flu can potentially be fatal.; young children and elders are at high risk during flu season. The dangers of the flu are not talked about as frequently as in the past because of the current flu shots we have and the number of flu cases declining every year, due to the breakthrough in flu medication.

You Need It Every Year

If you have received the flu shot last year, you will still need to get it this year. The flu virus comes back in a new strain each year, this means the current flu shot you have gotten the year before will not help protect you from this year’s flu. Depending on when you get the flu shot, you may need to come back for another shot at the end of flu season. A flu shot typically lasts 5-7 months, however, if by the end of flu season you have others around you getting the flu we recommend you come in and get another shot.

If you have any other questions about our flu shots or our center please feel free to call us at (813) 960-1100

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