Why Exercise?

July 15, 2016
Why Exercise?- AFC Urgent Care

Every day in America, the epidemic of obesity is on the rise. You’ve heard the rhetoric: America is underworked, overweight, and on the quick slope to nowhere fast. However, this rhetoric fails to take into account the effort that Americans make each year to slim down, even though these efforts often come up short. So, why do these efforts not always bring incredible results? The answer may be in exercising. We try hundreds of crash diets and get-skinny-quick solutions, but nothing can replace the true value of steadfast exercise. The first step of any new habit is understanding why it is important, so today we want to talk a bit about why exercise matters. Here are three reasons to begin exercising today: 1) Diseases Although the potential weight-loss benefits of exercise are obvious, this new lifestyle comes with quite the set of complementary benefits. Lowered cholesterol, improved blood sugar, and a decreased risk of diabetes are all included. 2) Mood Exercise releases endorphins to the brain, allowing your brain to function better and quicker, and triggers chemicals in your brain that lift mood and outlook. 3) Aging Exercising when you’re young can lead to great benefits as you age, including increased bone health. So go for a run, have a glass of milk, and look forward to a long life with strong bones!

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