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Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic Reviews Near Chattanooga, TN

AFC Urgent Care of Chattanooga, TN Provides 5 Star Doctor and Medical Service Ratings

“Was there at the right after opening and was seen quickly. Friendly staff and MD" Lynette S.

“I love the AFC team on Gunbarrel! They are always welcoming and quick to explain if I have any questions." Kristen P.

“I drive over 45 minutes to go to this clinic. It surpasses all others in this area. I appreciate the care and concern shown by the entire staff." Rocelia P. 

“Have been going to this clinic for years. So has my family. Could not ask for better place to go when you are ill. I am sure all the Physicians are very good, but I am glad when Doctor Ballard comes in." Barbara S.  

“You are doing a great job, don’t change a thing." John M. 

“Everyone was very polite and helpful and took care of my needs." Brian J. 

“My daughter was sick on a Sunday afternoon and I was worried. I called to very insurance and rushed her over. From the time my call was answered until we left, we were met with nothing but a GREAT and accommodating staff!! We are grateful for their care and concern!!" Christin J. 

“I honestly really enjoyed visiting the clinic! All of the staff were so friendly and helpful! My experience was great and I will definitely be going back in the future!" Bailey O. 

“Wonderful staff. I will always go to them when I am in need. This experience was as good as my first time when I had pneumonia. “ Leona V. 

“The staff here is wonderful! I was welcomed from the moment I entered until I left. Each staff member was kind, informative and thorough with their tasks. I was also impressed with the timing here, wait was not too long. 10/10 recommend to anyone needing an urgent care!" Bree D. 

“I love Dr. Ballard! She’s thorough as well as kind and understanding! I have a lot of confidence in her." Martha V. 

“I have been to this location a few times now and I am always very pleased with the professionalism and friendly way in which the entire staff deal with my situation." Roy B. 

 “This was the first time I have ever went to an urgent care clinic, so I was extremely pleased at the service. Everyone was thorough when explaining my diagnosis and answered any of my questions while I was there. All were very pleasant and welcoming." Terri B.

“Excellent care. Wonderful employees. Great facility." Louise M. 

“Dr. Ballard and her RN were fabulous. I would recommend her care to anyone!" Rachael N. 

“Polite, to the point and quick. Was a holiday and surprised they were open. I will return if every needed." Thomas S. 

“I truly enjoyed my visit because of the care shown. When I received the follow up phone call, I thought I am definitely recommending here before going to emergency room." TP 

“As you can tell from my responses, I was very pleased with my visit to your Gunbarrel facility. The overall impression was of a clean, well-lit, welcoming office. I watched the front desk staff to see how they worked together and saw good teamwork. The Nurse practitioner who saw me was very attentive and thorough. This has been the best visit to an urgent care facility I have ever experienced and I have already recommended it to a friend in need of your care. Thank you! Stephen P. 

“Very efficient. I have nothing to say but good things about this facility. Thank you so much." Barbara B.

“Always go to this convenient location. Excellent service." Patricia H.

“My experience was great. Very few minutes in waiting room, nurse was very attentive as we discussed the reason for my visit. The doctor came in within 5 minutes and asked questions and listened to what I had to say. She decided what my problem was and prescribed the correct medicine. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I will always come to this office when I need urgent care." Claudette D.

“The staff was very helpful and made my visit delightful." Larry O.

“I was very satisfied with all areas of service. I particularly liked the follow-up phone call to check my progress. Overall, the whole experience was good!" Lillian P.

“I was really apprehensive to go to a walk-in clinic. I would definitely recommend this one. Your staff was so inviting and welcoming in meeting my needs. Physician Assistant Jill Y put my mind as easy. Her caring and compassionate, nature was such a blessing to me. Totally through in her assessment. Taking time to explain and answer questions. I would definitely recommend this facility." Sherry D.  

“An incredibly friendly and efficient clinic! I was happy to find one close that was open on Sundays in this area too!" Lucinda H.

“I have been to several urgent care offices in the Chattanooga area over the years, and this visit by far was the best I’ve ever had. From the girl at the front desk to the nurse practitioner I saw everyone was kind, and helpful. Will definitely return if I ever have the need." Kerin P.

“Very good service. We are from Canada but did not mind the charge to be seen so quickly. Thank you." Cheryl C.

“A staff member called 3 days after my visit, asking how I am doing and urged me to call if any problems arose. That was greatly appreciated and not generally done by other facilities where I receive care." Janeth C.

“I have no complaints the staff are all friendly and helpful, the doctor listened and understood the illness and provided everything needed to help me get better. Anita L. 

“Just would like to say thank you to the office staff." Linda H. 

“This was the second time I have used this facility. I was very happy with my care both visits. I have referred several friends there because of your doctor." Debra V.

“Great experience as usual. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I seriously don’t know how you could improve." Toney H.

 “You are always professional and I feel good about coming up when I have a problem" Judith M.

“AFC never disappoints. Efficient, caring and accurate." Jennifer D.

“Great visit! Dr. Ballard is thorough and professional!" Michelle R.

“Glad I came everyone was respectful, caring and helpful." Jacqueline R.

“Everyone was very helpful and nice to me you all are so awesome I thank God for having the family care in Chattanooga." Charlotte R.

“The whole staff is awesome it’s good to have a family care like this one around here." Ann R.

“I am happy to give you my thoughts, as I was so pleased with your facility. I have been there before and had a good experience each time. First of all, I complimented the doctor on the cleanliness of the place. The bathroom was spotless as well as the examining room and all. The staff are ALWAYS very friendly and helpful in every way. Dr. Ballard is extremely professional and yet friendly and caring as well. I had a follow up call to give me the results of a culture that was taken. The nurse/tech that called was again very friendly but professional and explained my results carefully and fully. I feel that my health problem was fully addressed and am extremely pleased and confident with the care that I received. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give you my thoughts." Harriet W.

“I really enjoyed my visit to this medical facility. The staff and doctor were inviting and friendly. I felt cared for." David S.

“Great care and quick service! Doctor actually took time to talk with me and listen." Leeanne B.

 “Tara and Dr. Ballard were amazing! I was able to get a diagnosis and was treated adequately. I was feeling much better by the next day. So thankful for the kind staff that took care of me. I work with children and have been sick for months now and I’m finally feeling back to normal. Thank you so much!" Courtney P.

“The medical team are professionals with and extraordinary bedside manner and kindness. “ I don’t enjoy being ill; but I love the staff." Beverly W.

“Dr. Ballard and PA Yeager are two of the best Medical professionals I have visited and I have recommended them to my family and friends. The entire staff provides great service and I have never had a complaint." Gregory K.

“It was a first visit and I was very sick with a respiratory illness. I was very impressed with the efficiency of and the thoroughness of the staff." Marla S.

“It was my first visit to Urgent Clinic & I was very impressed." Ken B.

“Just wow! I don’t need quick care very often but when I do, AFC is the only place I will go. I saw a friendly, sympathetic and immensely professional PA named Jill. I came away fortified with information I needed to get well and assurances that all I needed to do was call if I needed her. She made AFC a great experience. Be sure you hold on to her!" Martha V.

“Excellent care great addition to medical support in area." Diane H.  

I can’t think of a single thing that you all can improve on, I have been twice to this location and both have been very pleasant and I would send anyone I know family or friends to this place for help. Keep up the good work." Walter M. 

“I loved it everyone was nice and the office and restroom was very clean. The doctor was nice, friendly and helpful. Also very funny and understanding. I was in and out. I loved that the front desk went over all the fees before I signed anything." Lakeisha W. 

“Great experience from the time I walked in until I left." Anita L. 

“Doctor and staff were wonderful. For the amount of patients there I was seen and treated very efficiently! Thank you" Ann C.

“I really appreciate that I was treated like a human being. The Doctor and Nurse listened to me, made eye contact when speaking. Explained what they were going to do to help me feel better. Many doctors seem to not hear us. These professionals actually listen, from the front desk to the providers. Amazingly I received a phone call to see how I was doing? Wow, impressive!" Pamela O. 

“When in need as I was making a doctor appt. with my family doc nearly impossible for the moment needed. Instead of waiting I chose and will continue to choose U.C. for my immediate medical needs.. So comfortable with staff at this facility it would be wish for the care facility to be my primary go-to medical place. Thanks." Bob B. 

 “This is a great location/and the staff is terrific" Debbie W.

“This office is always on top of things. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable." Sara B.

“I wish that all medical facilities were run as efficiently and professionally as yours. Thank you." Rusty M.

“I received quality respect and treatment as usual. Everyone there is helpful and cheerful. My doctor listened to me when I told him what treatment I had received before that worked for me in my condition and agreed that that would probably work again. So that’s what he prescribed." Toney H.

“I was hesitant seeing as how the only visits I’ve ever had at any urgent care were pretty terrible. I was so surprised with the genuine care I was shown. I left diagnosed, prescribed what I needed and proper labs which were not given at my primary care physician. Thanks so much! Will definitely be back if need be." Kari S.

“I have visited this facility through the years and never had any problems." Pat B.

“Very professional and knowledgeable" Margie W.

“Excellent facility, staff, and overall care!" Judy E.

“The doctor I saw and the whole staff was very respectful and friendly. They took the time to listen to me and explain everything thoroughly to me. Could not ask for nicer people!! They are all awesome!!!" Teresa G.

“I like coming to this clinic. They are always helpful and do things in a good timely manner." Karen A.

“Jillian Yeager was amazing! She listened intently and she displayed sincere empathy, which is so important when someone isn’t feeling well. I came home and immediately told my family about the great experience I had at your clinic. Thank you, Jillian, for your thorough service and for your compassionate understanding of my needs. You are a godsend. I will definitely visit your clinic again, should the need arise. Thank you so much!" Franklin J.

“The Dr. and nurses made a very uncomfortable visit comfortable and were so nice and helpful. Would come back in a heartbeat." Erica J.

“The front desk staff, nurse, and doctor were all extremely patient and caring towards my daughter. Shortly after we arrived someone brought out an ice pack for her without me even having to ask. They all expressed concern over her crying and expressed sympathy instead of irritation. I was very impressed with how promptly and efficiently we were taken care of and how short the wait time was between each step. Even on our way out the front desk staff asked how she was and said they hoped her finger felt better soon. I’ve already recommended this office location to five of my friends. I was very impressed, felt pleased with the efforts made in care, and thoughtfulness expressed by each individual we came in contact with. Thank you so much for making an unpleasant scenario as pleasant as it could be." Cherith A.

“I’ve been to this clinic several times over the past 3 or 4 years and have always been extremely satisfied with the care I received. Whenever my doctor isn’t available (weekend, holiday) it is very comforting to know your clinic is there and will provide excellent care." Pamela E.

“They were very professional and understanding." Tatia R. 

“I have been there several times and I have recommended this office to many friends, family, and co-workers. Always a pleasant and professional experience! Will be back." Steven G.

“I got in and out in no time. Everyone was polite and quite helpful." Christine W.

“Dr. Ballard was great! I appreciated her being attentive to my needs." Sarah B.

“I have always received excellent care here and I appreciate each of you very much." Jeanette W. 

“I was in and out in under an hour, this has not been my experience in other urgent care facilities. I wouldn’t change a thing about this facility. Wonderful and intelligent service!" Andrew G.

“Just a few miles from home and I am glad we have a great place like this when needed. Fast services every time I went. Good job." Daniel P.

“The doctor was truly excellent. Her professionalism and courteous, friendly personality was obvious when she walked through the room door and during the full experience. Thank you." David D.

“This was a very good experience. After I saw the Dr. and before the nurse came in we my release papers the pharmacy had already texted me that my meds was ready. Never had that happen before. I was very pleased." Gene G.

“I had a great experience, I actually told my husband that I would love for this to be my primary care location, if it were possible." Latonya H. 

“I have a great experience at this Urgent Care, they were very inviting, friendly, nice and informative. Thank you." Carol B. 

“My visits have been reasonably quick and satisfying, convenient and accessible in times of need when I’m faced with an emergency outside of my primary care physicians’ office hours." James C.

“Great staff all around. Would recommend highly." Sandra F.

“I am a nurse, who recently visited for a chest injury I sustained. I wanted a chest x-ray to rule out a fracture. As a nurse I have the tenancy to expect more from nurses and especially doctors. I don’t tell staff that I’m a nurse in an effort to quickly evaluate the medical staff and hopefully even find ways that I can improve myself. From start to finish, I found all of the staff to be very involved, very concerned, and very attentive to me as a patient. Remember, they did this NOT KNOWING I am a nurse as well. I was so impress with their professionalism and empathy. The doctor was very clear and his instructions were easily understood. The x-ray tech was attentive and made her part of the visit feel comfortable and go smoothly. The nurse attending to me was inquisitive and l asked clear question as well as gave clear, concise answered. The front of office staff made me feel like I was the only customer they were talking care of, even though it was , what I would consider, a busy day. I wish I could personally thank each staff member for elevating the standard of walk in medicine. Good job!!" Christmas M.

“I was so impressed with my experience that when my son in law came down with the same infection I recommended the Urgent Care in Cleveland to him. He was impressed also. Good job!!! “ Lynn R.

“Coming into town from Maryland it was great to find a place that I could go have my finger fixed without a lot of hassle and without emptying my bank account I have CIGNA and it was really great I am really pleased." LaVon S.

“Our family has been to this location several times. They are always pleasant and professional. Staff is extremely nice! My 11yr old daughter needed a sports physical for her first year of middle school softball team. Everyone was wonderful to her and she wasn’t hesitant at all. Love the whole staff here!" Gina L.

“It was my first time at a AFC urgent care and it was a great experience. Everyone was nice and friendly and had a smile on their face. I will definitely go back if the need occurs. The follow up call was well appreciated too." Jeff R. 

“Excellent staff, from the office staff to the doctor that checked took care of me!! I was very impressed…THANKS." Elaine M. 

“This place did fantastic and I am very pleased with the way they treat the patients." Brandon L.

“Everything is great at the office! I like that they make follow up calls to check on their patients." Alli G.

“This was my first visit to Urgent Care and I was most impressed with the doctor/nurse practitioner. I would love to have her as my general practice doctor. She was very through. I will continue to use urgent case as needed." Debbie Q.

“Everyone was wonderful , I saw interaction with other patients excellent too. I came in with my service dog and everyone was very nice about a giant great Dane in the office…he’s for mobility and balance and it wasn’t a problem. I will return and recommend." Cindee S.

“A very good experience. The facility was clean and the staff was friendly and thorough. I do believe this is the first time I have ever been in and out of such a facility in under an hour." Phyllis S.

“I appreciate you all being so nice and helpful. The atmosphere is great by all. Thank you for being so thorough. I even appreciate the follow up phone call checking on me." Cynthia W.

“Came through in a big way. Needed refills on my cholesterol medicine before a big trip. Much appreciated."  Berry B.

“The office staff was courteous and friendly." Sandy T.

“Dr. Ballard was very kind and knowledgeable. I will ask for her again." Larry W.

“Keep up the great work . It is nice to friendly and smiling faces." Nelson H.

“The doctor was a good listener and figured out my mother blood pressure was too much of a high dose." Carmen R.

“It was a pleasant (considering my diagnosis) and quick visit. Have been before and will use again. I was treated well and PA thought to test for something I hadn’t considered. Appreciate the knowledge, thoughtfulness and good care." Holly B.

“Lori was great. She went over everything and made sure she was doing it right." Ronald S.

“A few days after coming in, the office called to see how I was feeling and to see if there was anything else that I needed. This meant a lot to me since visiting other walk-in clinics and this was never done." Mel C.

“This location has always been wonderful in treating my problems and be very sure that I understand what is going on. They are aware of all the medications that I am on and making certain that there will not be an issue with anything they need to order for me. Everyone is very helpful from the front desk to the doctors." Barbara D.

“It’s wonderful to have access to a competent medical professional that doesn’t require a trip to the ER. This is my second time using AFC and it’s always a pleasant experience. The staff is kind and professional." Tracy S.

“All the different words for excellent… Outstanding, exemplary, friendly, detailed, caring.. I could go on but I have run out of exemplary words."  Bob B.

“The whole team is wonderful there! I appreciate their professionalism and demeanor!" Deborah B. 

“My visit was very good and I received the care that anyone would want. The staff greeted me with enthusiasm and were concerned about my health and getting me taken care of. I want to thank all the folks at Urgent Care in Chattanooga for their warm and friendly care. Great job and I am back to good health and feeling well. Thank you UC." Richard H.

“My visit was so much fun I can hardly wait to come back. Starting with the young lady that took me to the room to the NP that attended my concerns the visit was great.. Both of those young ladies impressed with both personality and competence. The youngster that escorted me to the room and later did my x rays was a delight of humility, humor and competence. The NP, equally personable and so very competent and assuring. Great team." Bob B.

“My husband has been there several times and this was my first time. The staff is always very kind and welcoming. The Dr.’s And PAs and very thorough. I received a call from the staff a couple of days later to check on how I was feeling. I give them a big thumbs up!!!!" Cynthia B.

“I was very pleased with the nurse practitioner Hadleigh Stone and her treatment plan for my diagnosis. Everything was explained In detail including the medicine she prescribed. I also spoke with Dr. Natasha Ballard whom I had met before both were very professional and answered all my questions and were very caring." Jerry B.

“I love the fact that they called me after a few days to make sure I was feeling better!" Brandy C.

“I am very happy with my treatment! I was about to leave on vacation, had no time to schedule an appointment with my eye specialist—walked into the clinic with a “stye" forming in one eye. Now a little over a week and all is well with the eye! A stye would have ruined my vacation! Happy and will continue to use them! Thanks!" Patricia H

“I love love love this place." Susan L.

“Extremely liked Dr. Ballard. She is very respectful and caring. Highly recommend her." Brooke K.

“I’m so thankful for this staff. I went in with severe pain and they took such great care of me!" Kimmi J.

“Excellent experience. Loved the doctor. Nurse was kind. Even with a needle."  Susan L. 

“I loved it. I was a traveler just passing through your town. I’m glad I stopped as I had a terrible ear infection. I knew I probably needed an antibiotic. They diagnosed the problem and I had the needed prescription in no time. They also directed me to the nearest Walmart to have it filled. It was an excellent experience and I’m grateful they were there."  Candace A. 

“Both times I have visited this AFC recently I have been really impressed with my experience. The PA and NP that I saw on either visit were professional and full of information and went the extra mile to ensure I was taken care off. 10/10"  Caleb N. 

“This was our very first visit and we were pleased with how it all went."  Rosa G. 

“I was very pleased with the service rendered and glad that I visited the location I did would recommend it highly to someone else for services!!!Thanks again!!!" Angela H.

“Great team, courteous professional. Thank you!" Jeff K.

“Love this place. easy access,. Medical team and front of house all work together. Listen to your “issue". Have all the tools for labs, x-rays and quick results, so a diagnosis can be made and care recommended. Gives all the necessary reports so you can bring to your primary care physician. So happy this facility exists." Vivian H.

“Our entire family goes there and we love it and have always been treated with care and respect. Very professional and clean office and x-am rooms" Herbert B. 

“LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the Dr.’s & Staff @ this location!!! They are ALWAYS Wonderful to our family!!! We’re especially fond of Dr. Ballard-She’s always Sooo kind & knowledgeable-her diagnosis & treatments are spot-on every time!!!! What a Blessing!!!!" Diane S. 

“Hadley the Nurse Practitioner was awesome in everything she did and made my daughter feel very at ease which most doctors cannot do. Thankful for her that day." Rick S. 

“I have already recommended this facility. Very pleasant experience." Barbara G. 

“Thank you for your team. I followed their suggestions and was admitted to hospital. So believe this saved my life. Following up with doctor visit this week." Janice H.

“The clinic was very well cleaned and the staff welcome me soon as I walked in and every one made me feel very comfortable and welcomed at the clinic." Anthony R.

“Friendly timely and I was well taken care of" Tina H.

“I went there because they are so prompt and courteous. Way easier to deal with than my regular doctor. The staff is wonderful." Linda M.

“My problem was taken care of quickly and successfully. Great Job, feeling much better" Jewell G. 

“I have been in healthcare for my entire career. We were on a 2 week road trip when I needed medical care. I saw that this site had great recommendations on social media, so we visited. Everyone was friendly The NP who took care of me was kind and efficient. She answered my questions and gave me confidence in her course of treatment. Thanks for a pleasant experience!!" Jackie D. 

“No suggestions was and have always been pleased with the care we receive from y’all!" Renee L. 

“Dr. Ballard was awesome! She was so down to earth and professional. The rest of the staff were very friendly and helpful. Thank you!" Stephen S. 

“The staff was very professional they treated me like a human not a not a number from the secretary to the doctor they were pleasant and made me feel very welcome I would return to this location and I would recommend my friends here thank you for not only being very professional but actually showing genuine care is well." Richard P.

“I went on a Sunday morning because of not feeling well. The young lady that checked me in was very friendly and got me checked in quickly. My wait was minimal in the waiting area and once I was in room it was less than 10 minutes before doctor came in. The staff did a great job of getting me tested treated and released quickly. I highly recommend this facility to all my friends and family." Katrina B.

“Awesome job! I will be back again, if need be! The doctor was very thorough and explained everything so well. The girl at the desk was very friendly and professional." Joan C. 

“The staff was very friendly and helpful. The facility was very clean and convenient. I will use this facility again." Patricia W.

“Great visit, even though I was sick. This has become the only Urgent Care I use. The only thing I would change is having the ability to make this place my primary care facility." Autumn B.

“The nurse practitioner, Hadleigh, was absolutely fantastic. She listened to me, took my concerns seriously, and even gave me a backup in case the medicine she gave me didn’t help in time for my audition. She put me at ease and made me feel like my concerns were valid." Leigh H. 

“The female doctor I saw was informative, supportive, encouraging, and friendly. I felt much better after talking with her and went home feeling relaxed and secure in the fact that I had been well taken care of and would soon be back to normal." Mary P.

“I was extremely satisfied with the results of my visit. I will not hesitate to go there again if and when needed. It was a welcoming professional atmosphere and everyone I observed coming into the office was treated that way! Thank you." Paula G.

Although searching for an urgent care while traveling is not desired, your facility and staff were wonderful. The staff was efficient, knowledgeable, and helpful. They took care of me and got us on our way quickly. We were impressed. Thank you." Mary S. 

“We traveled from Flintville TN to Chattanooga just to see Dr. Walter Boyantan. He had been our primary care Dr. for over twenty years so the drive was worth it. All people involved in my visit were friendly and professional. I would recommend this AFC Urgent Care to everyone. If you get the pleasure to see Dr. Walter you will be very please!" Dorothy M. 

“I always use and recommend AFC. It is the best place to go to when I am in need to a quick trip to the doctor." Kimberly J. 

 “Everything as I expected, and more." Amra T.

“Everyone is very nice and friendly! I would high recommend them to anyone!" Nancy B. 

“I prefer going to AFC because I feel like I get more personal care than I do from my PCP. The staff is always cheerful and welcoming. When I go to my PCP I am always there for about 2 hours, mostly waiting. At AFC I am out within an hour."  Vickie T. 

“I was so impressed with the whole experience of having to visit a clinic/doctor: Welcoming, minimum wait, and doctor and nurse who were professional and thorough…so much better than having to go downtown to my doctor’s office."  Judy E. 

“It was a very good place to visit, they were very nice and they were fast with service. Thanks to the staff and doctor." Lisa P.

“I love being able to have such a friendly clinic with such knowledgeable and qualified providers when I cannot see my own PCP. My husband and daughter have also been patients in your clinic and feel the same way. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience!" Noelle B.

“My arrival was late in the day on Saturday, but I was immediately taken care of. The entire staff was friendly and welcoming." Patricia O.

“This was my second visit to this location. Everything was above my expectations. God Bless." Loretta S.

“Very professional and also very kind and very nice and gave great advice. Thank you for the excellent care." Carolyn T.

“We always love seeing Dr. Ballard! She listens to the symptoms, relates well, asks good questions and sizes up the situation quickly. Great follow-up too!" Christine M.

“The office staff was amazing. The doctor was kind and friendly. Everyone was kind even though I was sick. They all made my miserable day a little brighter." Mary T.

“I will be back when my DOT Physical is once again due. These people were great." James B.

“Thanks for taking good care of me." Sonya C.

“Diagnosis was good/exact." Bob M.

“I have visited this location on several occasions. Dr. Hadley is always very friendly and helpful and goes above and beyond in the patient care aspect. I would recommend this location to anyone who needs a doctor on short notice." James O.

“I’ve used urgent care multiple times, and always recommend them! They are always extremely kind and make me feel very relaxed and cared about, which is super important when you’re not feeling well." Ashley B.

“Staff and doctor was very helpful." Nathan S.

“I’ve been there on more than one occasion, almost always feeling really bad, and they assess their patients ensuring they are getting to them as quickly as possible. I love that they not only remember me but always check my charts to make sure l get the best diagnosis and also do a follow up call. I have told so many people about the level of care that l receive here. Professional and personal that’s one of the reasons why I will always come back. Minimal wait time also a plus." Angela M.

“The front desk ladies were very nice! Dr Ballard is the sweetest doctor around. I just love her! She is very caring. She was very concerned about my problems. They called in a couple days to check on me. I would recommend AFC to anyone! " Nancy B.

“Just want to give a shout out that Hadleigh is a very thorough, professional Nurse Practitioner. When I am sick I would rather come to AFC than try to get in to my doctor." Sandy H.

“I have been to this clinic on numerous occasions in the past couple of years. They are always friendly, considerate and kind. I am seen promptly, and examined thoroughly. Diagnosis is made and I am given instructions on my care. And then… they call in a day or two to see how I am doing! They are wonderful!" Deborah N.

“Dr. Rhea and Doug are amazing! My kids actually look forward to coming here when we can’t get in with their regular pediatrician." Jennifer R.

“I was visiting Chattanooga from Nashville and needed medical help. My daughter had visited your facility before with her sick children and was very pleased with the care they received. She recommended your office. We are more than happy with the service and care we received.Thanks to all the staff, it couldn’t have been a better experience." Roderick S.

“Last week was the first time I’ve been to this office… I received such great care on Monday when my daughter woke up on Tuesday not feeling well I took her too. They have our quick service from now on! " Tama L.

“This was my first time visiting this clinic. My husband has been a few times and has always been happy. I was so impressed and thrilled with my experience. My doctor listened better than my GP does! I felt like my visit was just as important as anyone else’s and I didn’t feel rushed through. Costs of everything were thoroughly explained to me which I appreciated so much. I will definitely be back in the future if I need a quick clinic to get into. " Elizabeth S.

“I am glad I have a place to go when I need to be seen quickly and they take time and care to be sure I get the care I need. I appreciate the follow up call too. very friendly staff! " Andrea B.

“I was impressed by how caring the doctor was–she really listened to me and didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get to the next patient." Nancy B.

“Highly professional staff; will recommend and visit again." Joy W.

“I was extremely surprised that the two times I have been to the urgent care I have received a phone call checking up on me to see how I was doing. I don’t think I ever received a phone call from my primary doctor to see how I was after the visit. Very good quality. Makes you feel like you are special. Keep it up!" Nancy M.

“I visited for the first time last week for an ear infection and cold. I was very impressed with the friendliness of everyone and really felt like my concerns were listened to and addressed. I told my husband he needed to switch to y’all as well. He actually needed to visit Christmas Eve for something (we’ve had a rough week) and he was impressed as well. I needed to return today and I was again impressed with the quality of care and concern. " Ashley B.

“Everyone was friendly and caring. The facility was very clean. I would highly recommend going there!" Lori H.

“Excellent care and attentiveness, especially on a very busy December 23. Would highly recommend this clinic and staff. Thank you." Ruth B.

“It was a great visit that really helped especially around the holidays and on a weekend when care is needed most without the big worry of a looming hospital visit cost. Keep up the great work." Robert T.

“I felt very awful the day I came in but everyone there made me feel better from the time I walked in to the time I left." Erynn B.

“It was quick and easy. Thanks so much!" Estelle B.

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