Five Cleaning Tips to Help Reduce Spring Allergies

May 3, 2017


Spring cleaning is typically meant to help us shed the dust and dirt we’ve accumulated over the course of a cold winter inside. But for seasonal allergy sufferers, spring cleaning can be like medicine. How, you might ask? By getting rid of the allergens that causes seasonal allergy suffering. If your seasonal allergies are kicking up, try these cleaning tips from AFC Urgent Care West Long Branch to get some relief!

Use High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are the best tools in your arsenal for removing allergens from your inside air. These can be used with your HVAC system, as well as with appliances like vacuum cleaners. You don’t have to run your air conditioning all day to see the benefits, but it might be wise to use it for a few minutes every time you come back into the house!

Vacuum frequently

Vacuuming will help remove pollen and dust from the floor and the air, especially if your vacuum has a HEPA filter. At least once a week, break out your vacuum cleaner and run through the carpeted areas in your house. You can even vacuum your curtains, furniture and ceiling fans to remove dust and pollen. And try to avoid shampooing your carpet as much as possible, to stem the growth of mold.

Double Your Laundry Efforts

No one likes to hear that they should do more laundry, but the sooner you clean your clothes after you’ve worn them outside, the less pollen and dust you’ll have to breathe in. This is because the particles that get on your clothes when you’re outside will begin to circulate when the air around them moves, so every time you turn on a fan or air conditioning, those particles will be picked up. Really hot water will kill dust mites, so remember to separate your clothes into like colors and wash at around 130* Fahrenheit.

Keep Areas Free of Mold

Everywhere that there’s moisture, there is the potential for mold. Using a dehumidifier is an easy first step to eliminate the excess moisture in your home. Then, focus on drying out any areas that are often exposed to moisture. This includes your bathrooms, entrances, bedding and laundry. Clean bathrooms and entrances at least once a week, and leave fans running so that these areas dry completely. Wash your sheets frequently, and if you can, use dust mite resistant sheets and pillowcases. Be sure to use a dryer instead of air drying your clothes.

Don’t Make Your Bed

This tip might seem counter-intuitive, but every time you make your bed, you tuck in the dust mites and bacteria that feed on your shed skin cells and trigger your allergies. Instead, let your covers remain open for much of the day so they can dry and air out.

These cleaning tips could make the difference between muddling through your spring days and greeting each morning with a spring in your step. Being protected from allergens in your own home is the least you can ask during allergy season, and these measures can make a huge difference in how you feel. If you would like to pair your spring cleaning with a more targeted allergy treatment, visit your local AFC Urgent Care for help!


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