How Can I Improve Indoor Air Quality?

April 23, 2022

Making the effort to improve your indoor air quality can make the difference between the number of asthma attacks one has, reduce allergy symptoms, and help you breathe easier when it’s cold outside. It is not possible to completely eliminate the number of allergens in your home, but you can reduce them with some changes.

AFC Urgent Care Stoneham provides allergy treatment to many patients who suffer from seasonal allergies. These allergy treatments along with improving your air quality can significantly reduce your sneezing and coughing this Spring. Visit our walk-in center to be seen by a board-certified provider to get your allergies under control. 

Ways to Improve your Indoor Air Quality

Keep a Clean Home

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean cleaning out your closet for the warmer months. It also has to do with maintaining a level of cleanliness in your home. Good indoor hygiene can significantly reduce household allergens including dust and pet dander.

Vacuuming rugs and carpets one to two times per week can cut down on allergens. Lowering the number of rugs in the home, in general, can also help. Be sure to cut down on clutter on exposed surfaces to easily clean up accumulated dust. Be sure to wash bedding, drapes, and other fabrics - especially if you have pets.

It’s recommended to wash bedding in at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit water and to use dust mite-proof covers.

Avoid Indoor Plants

While everyone loves indoor plants, they often foster the growth of mold. Some plants are used to improve indoor air quality because they release oxygen. If you have severe allergies, they may still be a problem. Indoor plants often create more problems than they solve.

Change Air Filters

If you have a forced-air heating system in your home or apartment, be sure to change the air filters often. This decreases the chance of dust and irritants becoming airborne. It may also be worth it to have your air ducts cleaned professionally. This cleans up any trapped dust, but it is not always advisable.

Let Fresh Air In

Opening your windows can help move the air around and allow fresh air in. Be sure to check the pollen count ahead of time so you are not letting outdoor pollutants in the home. Using the oven fan can help remove fumes and gasses from cooking.

Invest in an Air Purifier

Putting an air purifier in high-traffic areas of the home can help remove indoor allergens. While they won’t remove them completely, ionic purifiers can help capture irritants that can help allergies. 


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