What Should I Do To Prepare For A DOT Physical?

May 10, 2022

Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals are crucial for drivers who wish to continue their trucking or commercial driver career. The main purpose of this physical exam is to promote safety behind the wheel and on the road. See what you need to do when you have a DOT physical coming up.

Prepare your medical information

Before you enter for your exam, ensure that all your medical information is available and up to date. It is recommended that you sort this from up even before you get to the center for your DOT examination. List out all the documents you would need and cross out the ones you have. Provide photocopies also, just in case. Finally, keep all the documents inside a safe file and bring that with you. This is to avoid any of your medical information dropping on your way to the examination center.

Prepare for tests

Different sorts of tests will be taken on you to check if you are still fit to drive a truck despite your medical records. So, come with a full bladder for urine tests or drink water while on your way. Also, avoid taking caffeinated beverages, or salty snacks (at least  48 hours before the exam) because it can increase your blood pressure and heart rate which doesn’t sit well with the DOT physical. Finally, set your mind at rest because a nervous mind can also raise your blood pressure and heart rate. However, if you are not able to relax, let the examiner know as soon as possible so that he or she can take note.

Prepare COVID-19 test results

In this time and day where COVID has become a part of our lives, being free from this virus is also an essential part of today’s DOT physical. Hence, make sure you take a COVID test before you go for the examination from an urgent care center and carry the results (negative results are more advisable) when going for the test. Similarly, prepare your face mask and keep it where it can be seen to avoid forgetting it when you are on your way.

Book a DOT Physical at AFC Urgent Care Southcenter

If you’re a driver, prepare for your physical by having all your medical information ready, a COVID-19 test, and avoid any unhealthy foods like sodium and caffeine to not skew your results. However, a noteworthy tip is to consider getting a second option if you feel that your examiner was not competent or fair enough. Ask questions and be interactive. It is better to go through the exam again than for you to fail and be unable to drive. Also, for convenience, get a DOT physical and your COVID-19 test in one place at a local urgent care center today!

If you need to book a same-day DOT Physical then consider AFC Urgent Care Southcenter, the leading expert in DOT physicals in Kent, Tukwila, Renton, and SeaTac WA! 

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