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Testimonials in Southcenter at AFC Urgent Care

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“Being in this area for work, I had no idea where to seek medical care. I am happy I chose AFC Urgent Care because the receptionist, nurse, & doctor were all very personable and professional; the doctor answered all my questions. I was in & out within 30 minutes. It’s a clean environment. All-around great experience for me."

– Kathy M.

“My experience was prompt, efficient care for my wound. Staff were friendly, respectful and prompt in their assessment of my needs and treatment for them. Facilities were clean and organized so that I could easily find my way and access care. I would recommend them without hesitation."

– Linda W.

“For the first time in my life I don’t have health insurance. It’s been a process trying to figure out an affordable way to get care. I went to a different urgent care place the week prior to seeing you guys and the experience was a complete 180. You guys were so quick and efficient despite the no appointment policy. I waited 2.5hrs at the other place even though I had an appointment. Thanks for helping me get my healthcare needs met."

– Aniel S.

“I was very content with the service I received. Waiting time was reasonable understanding the situation meaning no appointment was pre- arranged. Procedures were moving fast and the doctor, Dr. Platt, was GOOD. It was my first time to visit a urgent care and I feel lucky I opted the Doctor’s Express."

“They identified the ankle break and we’re very mindful of my pain. I was given a referral and appointment made on my behalf for follow up with orthopedic specialist along with the x-ray on CD. Excellent professional and compassionate care."

– Nancy M.

“I would suggest anyone seeking immediate care in the Southcenter/ Southcenter to choose this clinic. If possible avoid the XXXXXX clinic on Andover, I’ve had the misfortune of going there twice, they are a facility geared towards drug and employment testing, not truly urgent care. You can wait for hours in terrible pain while they get urine samples from people seeking employment. Drs Express was the polar opposite, clean, thoughtful care and quick, WAY better choice!"

– Janet M.

“Anyone in the Southcenter area looking for an amazing Urgent Care, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO! The staff is so thoughtful and caring, and you can tell they really enjoy their jobs. They went ABOVE AND BEYOND with my husband and I, who unfortunately got the H1N1 flu bug. Our doctor was extremely informative without being too stuffy or rude. It was just like we were at a family doctor. The front staff is SO wonderful and we will absolutely be back!"

– Samantha T, Seattle WA.

“Great Service, quick, comprehensive care.Will definitely go back if the need arises."

– Callie N., Renton WA.

“I had an excellent experience at AFC Doctors Express. I ended up here because my regular doctor didn’t have an opening in their schedule for several days out. I felt very welcome from the moment I walked in the door! The employees are very friendly and helpful, and the place is squeaky clean. It took about 10 mins to see a doctor after I filled out my paperwork. I saw Dr. Piatt. He was very easy to talk with, extremely knowledgeable, & informative. I feel like the doctors and nurses here truly care, and think that’s what sets this clinic apart from the rest. Also, the facility is open 8am-8pm EVERY DAY. I will absolutely be back. I don’t know any other place where it takes 30-60 mins from the time you get there to the time you leave. Plus, I like Dr. Piatt more than my regular doctor."

– Charissa F.

“I sent a client to this clinic to have a drug test done. He was able to get in very quickly and get the service without any hassle. I have been to this facility and it is very clean and the staff are extremely professional and friendly."

– Michael Scott C.

“I’ve unfortunately had to come here twice, but have been impressed both times! Much nicer and faster than Mulitcare and they seem to actually care about their patients. I’ll be going here from now on!"

– S.J.

“Dr. Piatt is awesome, very smart and very sympathetic doctor. Provided me with information and medication for my illness. I wish he could be my PCP, but is an urgent care physician."

– Mark R.

“I was very impressed with Dr. Gibbs and the staff. Everyone was very friendly and I felt Dr. Gibbs really took the time to listen to my problems and give good information on getting better, something that seems to be lost these days. I would highly recommend."

– Byron H.

“Dr. Piatt was very professional and took care of my primary reasons for being there as well as gave me referrals to find a primary physician since I am new to the area."

– April L.

“I have been to this office several times over the past four months and every time I go I have a positive experience. The wait is minimal and the office is never full of people hacking and coughing which I’ve noticed is the norm in most urgent cares. The doctors will listen to you and they never seem preoccupied with getting to next patient. Most urgent cares seem to have very long wait times but this place never does. When you’re sick sitting for hours to see a doctor isn’t any fun. So I’d rather go here for my medical needs."

– Beth H.

“My one-year-old son came down with a severe case of croup and was seen by Dr. Fackelman, who was absolutely wonderful with him and provided excellent counsel. We came by in the evening, very distressed by how bad our boy sounded, so we were glad that he could be seen right away. There was professionalism and respect shown at every level in this office, and we left feeling informed and reassured. I would recommend this AFC Doctors Express to any parent (or individual) who wants quality care, convenience, and experience. You won’t find better."

– Karen P.

“I used AFC Doctors Express in Southcenter after being in a motor vehicle accident. They were polite, professional and competent. I took my son there when he injured his knee on a trampoline. He was treated quickly and with respect. I have sent several of my employees there who have been injured on the job, and who had non-work related conditions that needed urgent attention. In EVERY instance, they were treated well, competently and quickly. I highly recommend AFC Doctors Express for your medical needs."

– Steven W.

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