How should I treat my strep throat?

October 15, 2021

At AFC Urgent Care Southcenter, we want to give patients the best possible care experience to help address and treat early seasonal illnesses, such as strep throat, right away. We’ve noticed an influx of strep throat patients in recent weeks and want to provide some helpful guidelines on how to address strep throat treatment at home and at our urgent care center.

Patients that already know if they have strep throat should book an urgent care appointment online right away. Just visit our home page to get started and find a slot that works best for your schedule. If you’re not sure if you have strep throat, or unsure of how to address symptoms, then keeping reading below:

When to consider at-home treatment for strep throat

If you’ve been in contact with a patient that has illness symptoms, and your town is experiencing a rise in strep cases, then you may want to begin early at-home treatment. Treating strep at home is a great way to reduce the severity of onset symptoms. Many patients will likely need urgent care but here is how you can get started with at-home care for strep symptoms:

  • Start with over-the-counter medicines to reduce pain and inflammation during early onset symptoms
  • Gargling with salt water can also help reduce early pain associated with strep throat.
  • Specialty throat sprays and lozenges, available at general pharmacy stores, also help reduce pain
  • Sip warm beverages to soothe and relieve pain as well.

Call out of work and get plenty of rest as you schedule your next urgent care appointment for strep throat. In the meantime, use the above tips to reduce symptom pain before your visit.

Booking urgent care for strep throat treatment

At AFC Urgent Care Southcenter, we can get you started on strep throat treatment when your symptoms begin to progress. If over-the-counter medications and relievers aren’t helping anymore, then you’ll likely need to get more advanced antibiotic treatment at our walk-in clinic.

Patients just have to visit directly or book online to get started. During your visit, our urgent care staff will make sure to diagnose your illness accurately, provide antibiotics to treat strep throat, and provide the next steps to ensure your recovery goes as smooth as possible.

If you need strep throat treatment or other seasonal illness treatment then visit AFC Urgent Care Southcenter: we’re just a short drive from many local towns including Renton, SeaTac, Tukwila, Kent, and Auburn, WA!

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