April 26, 2022

You must meet certain requirements to drive buses for students. Your DOT physicals must be updated regularly and your vehicle should be in good shape to ensure safe driving.

To renew your DOT physicals, you must:

  • Be able to Hear normal conversational sounds
  • Not have any mental, heart, and brain issues.
  • Not have any physical deformities
  • Be able to drive at any time.

As a school bus driver, you must apply for a 7D school pupil transport certificate to renew your DOT physical. The certificate must be:

  • Done by you and your doctor
  • Signed by you and your health care provider. Only original copies are allowed
  • 1 year old or less from the date of your eye test

Your DOT Physical will be approved if you meet the medical standards. You'll be screened for several health concerns.


You must meet these vision standards to be a bus driver.

  • You must have nothing less than 20/40 vision sharpness, with of with no corrective lenses.
  • You must have at least 120 degrees combined horizontal peripheral field of vision
  • You must have a "B" restriction (corrective lenses) on your learner's permit or driver's license when medicated glasses are used to meet the standard
  • You can not drive a bus if you use bioptic telescopic lenses.
  • You must be able to differentiate between green, amber, and red
  • You must not have incurable diplopia (double vision that can not be corrected by using an eye patch or other suppressive tools.


You can still renew your DOT physicals if you have diabetes. However, you must meet these standards.

  • You must have never experienced a hypoglycemic episode or spell. Your physician must confirm this.
  • Insulin can not be used to regulate your diabetes

If you don't meet these standards, you can still be a bus driver if:

  • You have adequate knowledge of hypoglycemia
  • You have not experienced a severe hypoglycemia series
  • Your operator's certificate is still valid
  • You provide a medical history that is not limited to; the day you started using insulin, all your hospitalization records, consultation reports for diagnostic examinations, results of tests performed for diabetes
  • Records of any hypoglycemic reaction within the last 2 years

You can qualify to drive a bus if you use insulin to control your diabetes by following these instructions:

  • Always carry an easily absorbable source of glucose
  • Do not drive a bus except blood sugar level is between the parameters 80 and 350
  • Check your blood glucose before driving and every 4 hours while on duty
  • Submit log records to your physician anytime you want to renew your applications
  • Always carry a copy of your log records to show law enforcement or authorized RMV agents


You cannot renew your DOT physicals if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy.


You can renew your DOT physicals in an urgent care center. The primary aim of updating is to make you eligible for driving and to ensure safety. Make sure you visit an urgent care center like AFC Urgent Care Southcenter in Kent, WA to ensure that your DOT physical is completed by an expert provider!

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