Can Allergies Cause Swollen Tonsils?

April 14, 2024

Nothing can disrupt your week quite like an illness. Waking up with swollen tonsils is a common early symptom of an illness. In most cases, swollen tonsils point to an infection caused by a virus or bacteria. However, there are other reasons why you may experience swollen tonsils. If you’re suffering from swollen and painful tonsils and wondering whether you’re sick or suffering from allergies, keep reading.

If you’re experiencing swollen and painful tonsils, AFC Urgent Care Southcenter offers same-day illness symptom diagnosis and treatment for patients in Kent, Southcenter, Renton, Tukwila, and SeaTac, WA. Our dedicated medical staff can identify the underlying cause of your swollen tonsils and provide a treatment plan to help you recover quickly. Simply walk into the clinic, or reserve your spot in advance using the button below.

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Can Allergies Cause Swollen Tonsils?

Your tonsils are lymph nodes in the back of your throat. They catch viruses and bacteria before they are able to cause an infection. However, you don’t need your tonsils to survive. When you’re sick, your tonsils may swell up and become irritated. This can occur due to an infection, such as a cold or strep throat. Your tonsils can also become swollen from allergies, which leads to an immune response and causes your tonsils to become irritated and inflamed.

This can lead to trouble swallowing and pain in your throat. Swollen tonsils can become so swollen that you are unable to eat and drink properly. They often are accompanied by a sore throat, which can also be painful and inhibit your ability to swallow normally.

How to Know If Your Tonsils Are Swollen From an Illness

Having swollen tonsils from seasonal allergies does not happen in all cases. It depends on your body and how allergic you are to the allergens affecting you. If you’re someone who regularly experiences swollen tonsils when you’re sick, you may be more likely to experience swollen tonsils as a result of seasonal allergies.

If your tonsils are swollen and you’re not sure whether it is because you’re sick or because you have allergies, it is important to pay attention to the severity of your symptoms. If your tonsils are swollen and your throat sore during the day, but are not bothering you when you’re indoors at night, your symptoms may be triggered by allergens that you’re exposed to while you’re outside. If your symptoms don’t fluctuate or continue to worsen over time, you may be sick.

Visit AFC Urgent Care Southcenter for Same-Day Swollen Tonsil Diagnosis & Treatment in Kent, WA

If you’re experiencing swollen or painful tonsils, it is important that you seek medical care. Swollen tonsils are often the first indicator that you are getting sick and they can cause pain and trouble eating. During the spring allergy season, you may notice more instances of swollen tonsils, but with medical guidance, your medical provider can help you manage your symptoms so that you can stay comfortable during spring allergy season. AFC Urgent Care Southcenter offers walk-in seasonal allergy and illness care. Just walk into the clinic.

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Our dedicated medical team is board-certified and trained to diagnose the cause of your swollen tonsils so that they can provide the most effective treatment plan possible. Our clinic has a lab on-site allowing our medical staff to test for the presence of an infection. We accept most medical insurance plans and offer affordable care. Walk in today. 

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