Tick Removal

Tick Bites

Tick season is in full gear in Pennsylvania, with mass reports of tick bites throughout the area. AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham is able to remove ticks and treat Lyme disease, as well as provide bite prevention tips. There are many tickborne illnesses present in our state, and some can be lethal if not caught or treated in time. If you find a tick on your body or on a family member, visit AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham for removal and walk-in treatment.

Tick Bite Prevention

Part of preventing tick bites is learning when you may be exposed to them. Ticks live in grassy woodland areas. If you are going in these areas make sure you are wearing protective clothing such as:

  • Hats
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Pants
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Long socks with pant legs tucked in

There are also tick sprays that you can buy from your local convenience store! While nothing can completely prevent being bitten by a tick, following these steps will be able to give you protection and reduce the possibility.

Tick Removal Process

Our tick removal procedure is:

  • Our Medical Care provider will apply alcohol to the infected area/wash part of the skin that tick has bitten
  • A sterilized tool will be used to remove the tick by its roots
  • Our Medical Care provider will then dispose of the tick & reclean the infected area

Tick Disposal

If you find a tick in your house or on your pet make sure you follow these steps we recommend to disposing of ticks:

  • Put the tick in a cup of alcohol
  • Flush the tick down the toilet
  • Put the tick in a ziplock bag and throw it away in the garbage outside

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