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Benefits of Occupational Health Programs

Making sure your employees are safe while working at your workplace and your customers are safe while visiting your brick-and-mortar location is critical as a business owner. Knowing that your workers are safe will help maintain the high standards of productivity you expect to stay on deadline and grow sales and customers. Despite tight safety protocols and drills put into place, accidents can happen at any time and in any workplace setting, from a warehouse to an office to the back room of a retail location. By incorporating occupational health into your overall health program, you will be able to ensure that your employees are getting the care they need to stay productive and come back to work when they are ready. Some benefits include:

Lowered Healthcare Costs For The Business

When an incident resulting in injury occurs at your worksite, the hurt employee will be entitled to a certain number of doctor’s visits to treat and monitor their progress. However, without an occupational health program and protocols in place, your employee may return to work without being cleared first, which can lead to lost productivity and re-injury, leading to more costs to the employer. By having an occupational health program in place, your chosen facility will be able to maximize treatment to treat the employee as soon as possible and ensure that they are physically fit to return to their duties. The employer will know that the employee is able to meet the physical requirements of the job and not have to worry about expensive follow-up visits.

Specific Workers’ Compensation Treatment

By working with a facility on an occupational health program, you’ll be able to make sure your clinic of choice can provide the exact care you need. AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham will be able to care for a number of workplace injuries and help the injured person through the process of making a workers’ compensation claim. Our treatment will be compliant with local and state laws and regulations throughout the entire process, until the employee is cleared to return to work.

Consistency In Treatment And Records

Working with AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham for your occupational health needs will ensure that all of your employees are receiving the same quality and standard of care, as well as keeping records consistent and in one place. Rather than rushing around town to different facilities for different records, you can just contact your administrator and have the data you need easily accessible to your human resources department.

Occupational Health Programs for Businesses in Cheltenham, Cheltenham, Jenkintown & Philadelphia, PA

if you are interested in developing an occupational health program for your company, contact AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham today! Our team works with businesses of all sizes throughout the Philadelphia area. For questions, please call (215) 935-6777.


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