Drug Testing

Employee Drug Testing in Cheltenham, PA

Businesses of all sizes need reliable employee drug testing services to ensure that their workplace is safe and productive for all of their employees. That is why AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham is ready to administer and coordinate drug testing services for your employees whenever businesses need it.

For questions, please contact Kerry Mulvey at KMulvey@afcurgentcare.com

How does AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham provide drug testing services that improve my business?

Did you know that nationwide illicit and harmful drug use cost businesses a collective $75-$100 billion a year in productivity losses? These costs can be avoided if businesses schedule fair and responsible drug testing services.

At AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham, our urgent care staff and clinical teams coordinate, administer and report the results of your employees’ tests under strictly supervised guidelines. We can perform a variety of comprehensive drug testing services including:

  • Pre-employment drug testing
  • Random employee drug screenings
  • Corporate-level drug testing
  • Return to work drug testing
  • Post-accident drug testing

Our team is able to perform a variety of enterprise-level drug testing services based on your needs. For example, we can assist small businesses with intermittent drug screenings whenever they need. But AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham also provides larger businesses with scheduled testing for monthly, quarterly, and yearly needs.

Learn more about how to provide drug testing services at AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham

Employers that believe drug testing will provide a positive ROI and a safer workplace for their employees should contact AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham. We offer businesses around greater Philadelphia with affordable, comprehensive, and high-quality drug screenings for employers.

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