Seasonal Care

Philadelphia can see a wide range of temperatures and weather throughout the year, from mild to heavy snowfall throughout the winter to warm, muggy summers. Different illnesses and injuries can be seasonal, requiring medical care in order to ensure a full recovery. AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham is able to provide you with the care you need year-round, open seven days a week to treat viruses, allergies, injuries and stomach bugs. As a walk-in urgent care center, you’ll never need to worry about waiting days or weeks until a doctor can see you.

Types of Seasonal Treatment Provided in Cheltenham, PA

Some of the seasonal services we provide include:

  • Flu shots and treatment
  • Coughs and the common cold
  • Bug bites and Lyme Disease
  • Sunburn and skin rashes
  • Seasonal allergies

Seasonal Allergy Treatment

Allergies can affect you at any time of year, from the first bursts of pollen in the spring to hidden mold growing indoors during the colder months. AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham can provide you with allergy treatment throughout the year for mild to moderate reactions to triggers including:

  • Bug bites
  • Mold and dust
  • Pollen and ragweed
  • Chlorine
  • Pine trees and needles
  • Shellfish and candy ingredients

Seasonal Illness & Injury Treatment in Cheltenham & North Philadelphia, PA

If you fall ill or experience an allergic reaction, visit AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham for treatment. Open seven days a week, appointments are never required to be seen by one of our physicians though you can reserve your place in line for an even shorter wait time. Most major insurance plans are accepted. For questions, please call 267-436-0322.