Why the Whole Family Should Get a Flu Shot

April 30, 2021
While no one likes getting a shot of any kind, getting the flu vaccine as a family is a great way to make it less uncomfortable and ensure everyone is protected. Not only will this protect more vulnerable members of your family, but creating a fully vaccinated family can also reduce the chances that any of you will get the flu at all. Plus, by limiting your family’s contact with the flu virus and boosting your immunity, you will hopefully spend less time this winter being sick and more time enjoying each other throughout the season! Read on as our team at AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham offers some insight. Should Everyone in the Family Get a Flu Shot? Just about, yes! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that nearly everyone over 6 months of age receives a flu shot. While babies under 6 months are not yet developed enough to receive the vaccine, they are capable of becoming infected with the flu. By getting everyone else in the family vaccinated, you are helping ensure that children under 6 months have limited contact with the virus, thus reducing their chances of getting infected. It is highly recommended that mothers who are pregnant during flu season receive the vaccination so they can pass some antibodies onto their babies, as well. How Does the Flu Shot Protect My Family? By getting the flu shot, you are not only increasing your chances of not getting the flu, but you are also decreasing the chances that one of you will become a carrier that can transmit it to the rest of the household. Because people can be a carrier for the flu virus even without showing symptoms, someone in the household could transmit the virus without even knowing it—putting the rest of the family at risk for exposure. Receiving the flu shot lessens the likelihood that this will occur. Will Children (or Adults) Get Sick After the Flu Shot? While mild, flu-like symptoms are sometimes common after the flu shot, rest assured that this is not anyone coming down with the flu. In fact, it is actually a sign of the body building flu-fighting antibodies. These symptoms tend to be worse for children, but adults may experience them as well. We can help the whole family get their flu shots at a time that is most convenient for you! Contact us today at AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham to view our flexible hours.

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