What’s Causing My Headache?

August 15, 2020
What’s Causing My Headache?- AFC Urgent Care

Did you know? As many of as half of us have had a headache this year. In fact, headaches are so common we often don’t think much of them.

But just because headaches are common doesn’t mean we should suffer in silence. Whether headaches are caused by tension, migraine or other factors, healthcare providers can suggest ways to treat them effectively.

If you struggle with frequent headaches, our team at AFC Urgent Care Chattanooga can help you find relief.

What Causes Headaches?

Most headaches are tension headaches, caused by muscle tightness in the scalp or neck. Stress, hunger, exhaustion and poor posture can lead to tension headaches. You can get a similar headache from looking at screens for too long, especially if the lighting is poor. There’s even a name for it—computer vision syndrome.

Other headaches include migraines, cluster headaches and sinus pressure headaches.

Know Your Headaches

  • Tension headache: Slow onset, similar on both sides of head
  • Migraine: Hits quickly, often one-sided, accompanied by nausea, dizziness or sensitivity
  • Cluster headache: Often near one eye, accompanied by tearing or runny nose
  • Sinus pressure: “Full” feeling, toothache, changes with head movement

How Can I Stop a Headache?

If you have frequent headaches, look for the immediate causes, or triggers, associated with headache episodes. Keeping notes or a journal could help.

Especially for tension headaches, build moments of peace and pleasure into your days. Exercise, laughter and meditation are all proven to make headaches less frequent and severe.

Quick Headache Busters

  • Adjust your computer’s angle and brightness.
  • Loosen your bun or ponytail.
  • Make a cup of herb tea.
  • Stand up and stretch.
  • Step outside for fresh air.
  • Use a cold or hot compress.
  • In moderation, take an over-the-counter medicine such as ibuprofen.

Do you have headaches that aren’t responding to stress management or over-the-counter medications? Make an AFC TeleCare appointment with our AFC Urgent Care Chattanooga team to find out what’s going on.

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