How Do I Know If Contact Lenses Will Work for Me?

October 1, 2020
How Do I Know If Contact Lenses Will Work for Me?- AFC Urgent Care

Right now, wearing glasses can be the worst. With all of us having to constantly wear face masks, dealing with fog on our glasses is simply (and unfortunately) our new normal. Switching to contact lenses would eliminate that pesky problem, but are they safe to wear for your eyes?

Read on as our team at AFC Urgent Care Chattanooga provides some helpful information on eye health.

Why Should I Choose Contacts Over Glasses?

One of the biggest perks that contacts offer is increased mobility. If you live an active lifestyle, wearing glasses can become cumbersome. They have the tendency to fall off your face if you move around a lot, and you have to be careful to not break them.

Another positive is that contacts sit directly on your eye, so the contact’s eye correction moves where your eye moves. Gone are the days when you have to tilt your head a specific direction so your glasses will help you see clearly.

Other Benefits of Contact Lenses

  • Easier to correct vision
  • Eliminates the need to wear glasses all the time
  • Better side vision/wider range of vision
  • Feeling of normalcy

Are Contacts Healthy for My Eyes?

Yes, contacts are a safe and healthy way to enjoy good vision without having glasses. However, you need to make sure to take the proper precautions in order to any eye complications.

The two biggest things to be aware of when using contacts is to make sure and keep them clean and to not sleep in them. Make a point to wash your hands before handling your contacts, and unless you have been told to do so by your doctor, avoid sleeping in your contacts as it greatly increases the chance of getting an eye infection.

Other Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

  • Soak the lenses in a disinfectant solution overnight and replace the solution completely each day. Never use water.
  • Only wear lenses for the amount of time recommended by your doctor before replacing.
  • Replace your case every three to six months.
  • Avoid showering or swimming with your lenses.
  • Use daily eye drops to lubricate eyes.

Not sure if your headaches are related to your eyes or some other medical condition? Visit us at AFC Urgent Care Chattanooga for the care you need.

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