What To Expect At Your Urgent Care Sports Physical

March 18, 2024

As the sports season approaches, athletes are gearing up! Not only with their equipment, but also with a crucial component to getting prepared– the sports physical. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or newcomer to a team, undergoing a sports physical is an essential step to safeguard your health and safety and maximize the longevity of your sports season! In this blog, we’ll delve into what you can expect during your visit to urgent care for a sports physical. 

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What Is A Sports Physical?

A sports physical is a pre-participation examination (PPE) that helps determine if a person can participate in a sport safely. This examination can be used for both children and adults and also helps inform if the body can take a new training or exercise routine. Despite how thorough some sports physicals can be, it is important to note that a sports physical cannot replace a regular annual physical. The goal of a sports physical is to determine whether an individual is physically healthy enough to participate in a sport.

Who Needs A Sport Physical?

Everyone who plans on participating in a sport should seek a sports physical. It is usually mandatory for athletes in programs or schools to get a yearly sports physical. Depending on how strenuous or accident-prone a sport is, a school might require that one passes a physical before they can join a game. It is especially necessary for kids and adults with a history of respiratory conditions like asthma and pneumonia or those who are recovering from a sickness or a recent surgery. A sports physical will tell you if any of these conditions will hinder you or the child from participating or even tell if that participation is going to be hazardous to the life of a person. Take care to note that sports physicals should be completed by a licensed healthcare provider and should be taken before starting the sport.

What To Expect At Your Sports Physical?

A sports physical has four parts. During the first section, a healthcare provider will likely take your vitals, including blood pressure and pulse. Height and weight will also be recorded and all this information will be documented. Weight gain or loss and growth spurts can change the position of stresses on the muscles, bones, and joints.

The second part comes in the form of an eye exam during which medical professionals can check the condition of a person's eye to determine if the sight is good or not. This physical will help doctors determine if you need prescription glasses or not and if it is safe for sporting activities.

The third part takes a look at your medical history. It goes through a list of any past or recent illnesses, conditions, and surgeries such as asthma, chest pain, hormone therapy, etc that can help the professional identify potential problems that may require restrictions, referrals, or further testing.

The fourth and final part is a fitness check to check if the body is in the right physical condition to play sports. Tests to see your stamina, strength, and reflexes will be carried out and these tests will be used to determine if you are fit enough to continue training or if you still need diet referrals or exercise to reach the right fitness requirements. When it comes to the level of kids, things such as flexibility, strength, and posture are used by the medical professional to see if your child will be capable of participating in a certain sport.

Get a Walk-In Sports Physical at AFC Urgent Care West Orange

A sports physical at an urgent care facility is a convenient, accessible, and quality option! AFC Urgent Care West Orange conducts PPE exams on site. Walk-ins are welcome and we accept most insurance plans. We offer convenient night and weekend hours to accommodate your schedule. Don’t put off your physical exam any longer– just walk-in today! For more information about our services, please contact us directly at (973) 669-5900.

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