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Occupational Health

Certain occupational fields require employees to maintain specific health and physical standards in order to perform the job without risk of injury. From annual physicals to check to meet your standards for hiring and routine drug screens, our urgent care center can work with local employers to help maintain your employees and expedite your hiring process. AFC Urgent Care West Orange performs the following examinations and tests for employees in the area:

Why Do I Need Occupational Health Services?

You have a duty as an employer to keep your workers safe while they are at your job site or office. Certain positions may require more physical effort and exertion, and it is critical to make sure your employees are in the correct shape to perform their duties without injury. If an accident occurs and medical attention is needed, you need to make sure your employees are receiving proper care in order to heal correctly. By providing the right care for your employees, you’ll be able to maintain a high level of productivity and happiness in your workplace.

Occupational Health in West Orange, NJ

Whether you are looking for blood and urine tests for a new hire or a physical for a veteran employee, contact AFC Urgent Care to set up occupational health services for your business. We will be able to provide results in less time in order to expedite your process and avoid unnecessary disruption. AFC Urgent Care West Orange can be reached by calling (973) 669-5900.


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