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Other Occupational Health Services

AFC Urgent Care offers a variety of Occupational Health Services in addition to our DOT Physicals, Drug Tests and Pre-Employment physicals. These services include:

Pulmonary Function Test

Our center can perform spirometry testing, the most common pulmonary function test. It measures the volume and speed of a person’s breath.

Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD)

Our on-site lab and x-ray equipment assist us with tuberculosis testing. We can perform a skin test to see if your employees have been exposed to tuberculosis. If the test is positive, we can assess further with our on-site x-ray equipment.

Vision/ Whisper Test

We can test for color blindness and visual acuity in our office. We can also perform hearing tests. We use the Ishihara Color Test for color blindness and Snellen test for Visual Acuity.

At AFC Urgent Care in West Orange, appointments are not required. We are located at 464 Eagle Rock Avenue. If you are interested in our occupational health service for your company, please contact us today at (973) 669-5900.


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