Health Checklist For Winter Travel

December 19, 2023

Winter is the time when people look forward to the holidays and often decide to travel. It is a season where we enjoy spending time with our families and friends to explore other cities or even countries. However, winter comes with chills, an increase in germs, sickness, and potential injuries. The combination of changing climates and the usual time of year when people tend to fall ill can greatly affect many individuals, causing them to be unable to carry out their usual activities during or after a journey. So, in order to make sure to stay healthy, we will discuss how to do that.

The Health Checklist For Winter Travel

Protect Ears:

Don't underestimate the importance of protecting your ears in chilly conditions—it's a health game-changer. Consider using earplugs or hats to shield your ears from cold air. Exposing your ear canals to chilly winds can lead to discomfort and irritation to the delicate and sensitive skin lining your ear canal. Moreover, if your earwax is exposed to cold winds for extended periods, it can solidify and pose challenges when it comes to removal. This can cause issues if you're the type of person who loves to keep the windows open and let the air come in.

Basic Medicines:

Make sure to keep some extra medication, external usage ointment, and any cough syrup recommended by a doctor in your travel health kit. This can be helpful when you're traveling for a longer journey. Having these things will help you deal with other important elements of traveling. Have a first aid kit as well. Keep a moisturizer in handy to prevent dry skin during the chilly weather.

Hydration & Electrolytes:

In the winter, keeping hydrated is key, and it's not just for hot days. Dry throats are common, so consider adding electrolyte-rich sports drinks to your routine. They're not just for athletes—they help replenish lost fluids and essential salts. These beverages are especially valuable for individuals seeking thrilling experiences and those who love exploring the wonders of the winter world.

Gloves & Mask:

During the winter season, many people love traveling. Especially if you're on a plane, you are likely to encounter people who have the flu, cold, and so on. So, it's essential to use a mask and gloves to avoid catching any illnesses or diseases that could affect your journey.

Have Emergency Number:

Wherever you travel, just make sure to have that location's emergency number stored in your phone or have it written somewhere important. This will come in handy in case of a medical emergency.

Get Travel Health Services at AFC Urgent Care West Orange

Traveling in winter excites everyone, but it's important to make sure to keep a health checklist you require for traveling in the winter season. It's important to keep your body and mind healthy not just for traveling but to feel the moment and enjoy the winter journey. Before traveling, visit AFC Urgent Care West Orange. We can be your go-to resource for travel vaccinations and travel medicine. Our trained medical staff is available to meet, consult, and determine what vaccinations and other health services may be required before you travel. Our medical providers can also provide helpful advice for your well-being while traveling abroad! Simply walk-in any day of the week.

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