Can Allergies Cause Sinus Infections?

May 29, 2024

Allergies can be anything from an annoying disruption in your daily life to something that causes serious symptoms– especially for those with underlying conditions like asthma. Because allergies frequently present similar symptoms to other respiratory illnesses, there is often concern that allergies can lead to sinus infections, colds, or flu. It is important to understand how allergies and illnesses can be linked. While allergens often do not carry the bacteria and viruses necessary to cause other illnesses, allergies can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to infection.

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What Is Sinusitis? 

Sinusitis is a sinus infection. We all have eight sinus cavities in our heads. Two of them are in our foreheads, two of them are behind our cheekbones, two of them are within the bones between our eyes, and two of them are behind our eyes. When our sinuses get infected, this is because of bacteria or viruses in our sinuses. Sinus infections can lead to the production of mucus, swelling, headaches, fevers, coughs, sore throats, and a feeling of being stuffed up. Symptoms can range from person to person based on the severity of infection, the overall health of the individual affected, and the effectiveness of treatment.

What’s The Difference Between Sinusitis and Allergies?

Allergies commonly cause runny noses, sneezing, coughing, and watery/itchy eyes. Allergens cause an allergic reaction in the area they affect. When we inhale allergens like pollen or dust, our bodies try to flush them out. This is why we tear up and our eyes begin to itch as well as why we cough and sneeze or suddenly have a runny nose. The mucus that is released due to allergies tends to be watery and clear. By contrast, congestion caused by an infection tends to lead to thicker mucus that can lead to both a runny nose and a stuffy nose. Colds, flu, and sinusitis also cause symptoms like fevers, chills, and other symptoms throughout the body. 

So while allergies won’t cause an infection directly, someone who is suffering from allergies might experience an infection because their immune systems have been weakened. This is particularly true for sinusitis. It’s important to monitor your symptoms closely and seek medical care for a professional diagnosis if you begin to experience any sinus infection-related symptoms. 

When Should I Seek Medical Attention

There are three factors to consider when it comes to managing symptoms: what are your symptoms, how severe are they, and how long have they lasted? Minor symptoms like a runny nose that last under a day or two usually do not require medical intervention. However, if your symptoms go for days on end, if your symptoms are so severe that they are making it impossible to go through your daily activities, or if you have symptoms like a high fever, you should consider seeing a doctor. Whether it is allergies or a virus, a quick visit can help you get a diagnosis, proper medication, and alleviate your symptoms. 

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