How to Treat and Manage Sudden Back Pain

April 14, 2022

Back pain can appear without warning and range from mild to severe. Some back pain may disappear after a few days, but more unfortunate patients may have back pain that lingers. Getting immediate treatment for back pain can be the best way to prevent back pain from persisting or worsening. Try the following tips to get started on reducing back pain - then make sure to visit an urgent care center for high-quality, same-day treatment.


Gentle heat can help relax tightened muscles that could be contributing to your back pain. Use a warm towel or heat-pack and place it on your back where there is pain. Additionally, you can use warming balms or creams that also loosen tight muscles.

2.Keep Moving

It can be tempting to lie in bed or minimize exercise if you have back pain, but movement can help you get back to normal faster. In the morning, stretch gently to loosen up muscles that have tightened overnight. Throughout the day, try to get up and walk around a bit. Be careful not to overdo it, though; too much exercise can make your back pain worse or even cause more injury.

3.Pain Medication

Over-the-counter pain medication will help mild to moderate back pain. Take care to follow dosage guidelines.

Prescription medication from your doctor may offer even more pain relief.

4.Physical Therapy

We mentioned above that it’s a good idea to keep moving. If you’re not sure where to start or what exercises will be appropriate for your needs, physical therapy with a trained specialist can help. They’ll be able to show you exercises and movements that will target your back pain and address the associated symptoms.


Injections for back pain include nerve ablations/blocks, epidural steroid injections, and others. These injections are mostly only used when the precise source of your back pain is identified. This remedy is appropriate for temporary pain management.


If traditional treatments aren’t working for your back pain, you might consider alternative treatments, like acupuncture. During this treatment, tiny needles are inserted into the skin in different areas, where they target specific nerves to lessen pain. Make sure to discuss this with your doctor before going ahead.


Yoga is a great activity to try for sudden back pain. With an emphasis on flexibility, core strength, and controlled breathing, daily yoga will help your muscles become less rigid and prone to damage.

If you’re having difficulty managing your sudden back pain at home with heat, light exercise, and OTC pain medication, a local urgent care and walk-in clinic can help you out. And to help ease the pain even further, there’s often a shorter wait time and cheaper cost compared to a hospital emergency room.

If mild or sudden back pain is still a lingering problem, it helps to visit an urgent care center to get treatment. Visit AFC Urgent Care Shelton today as a walk-in patient or book online if you want to schedule your visit.

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