Common Respiratory Illnesses To Look Out For This Winter

December 1, 2023

Not only is winter peak cold and flu season, but it also brings a variety of illnesses that affect your respiratory system to the spotlight. It is important to know what to look out for both in terms of illnesses that you could catch and symptoms that you may be experiencing so that you can understand when to seek medical care for illness treatment. Visit AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale for illness diagnosis and treatment without an appointment.

What Illnesses Are Common During Winter?

The winter season brings colder weather and darker days, but it also tends to bring an influx of illnesses. More specifically, respiratory illnesses are especially common during the winter months. Although there are a variety of illnesses that you can get during the winter, understanding how to identify some of the common illnesses that appear in the winter months can help you better prepare.

Common respiratory illnesses include:

  • Influenza (the flu)
  • Colds
  • Sinusitis (sinus infection)
  • Tonsillitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis

Although respiratory illnesses are common during the winter, there are other illnesses caused by bacteria and other causes that can spread during this time of year. If you are experiencing illness symptoms, the best way to relieve your symptoms is to seek a diagnosis from a medical professional.

Can The Cold Make You Sick?

Respiratory illnesses are more common during the winter months, but the reason why may surprise you. It is not because of the colder weather or exposure to the cold. In fact, exposure to the cold cannot give you a respiratory illness such as a cold. The actual reason behind the increase in respiratory illnesses in the winter months has to do with the fact that we are hiding from the cold. The increased time spent indoors without fresh air circulating allows infections to spread more easily. We are touching more common surfaces and breathing in unfiltered air which are two major ways that illnesses spread.

During the winter months, we also travel more than other times of year. Similarly, many modes of transportation such as planes involve breathing in unfiltered air and touching common surfaces such as bathrooms and seats which can expose us to germs that can make us sick. Stress surrounding the end of the year and holiday season can also weaken our immune systems, making us more susceptible to contracting an illness.

When To Seek Medical Care For Illness Symptoms

Many respiratory illnesses are caused by viral infections. Unfortunately, this means that they are extremely contagious and that there is no medical treatment available for them. Instead, your body will fight off the infection on its own over time. As a result, viral infections have symptoms that are longer lasting and tougher to get rid of than other illnesses.

This being said, viral infections are also typically mild in nature and rarely require medical treatment. The best way to avoid a respiratory illness this winter is to avoid catching one by following good hygiene practices like hand washing. Over-the-counter medications can help reduce symptoms, but will not get rid of your illness. If you’re experiencing severe illness symptoms such as difficulty breathing, vomiting or a high fever, you should seek medical care in the emergency room.

Visit AFC Urgent Care Paramus for Urgent Illness Diagnosis & Treatment Near Paramus, NJ

Sometimes catching an illness is impossible to escape, especially during the winter months. When you’re feeling under the weather, AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale is here to help. Our medical providers are board-certified and able to diagnose and treat a variety of common illnesses. Our clinic is available for walk-in patients seven days a week. Simply walk-in, or schedule an appointment online today.

AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale offers rapid illness care without the long waits and expensive costs associated with the emergency room. We accept most medical insurance plans and offer affordable care for patients paying out of pocket for their healthcare. If you’re suffering from illness symptoms, don’t delay. Visit AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale today. For additional questions regarding our clinic, please contact us directly by calling 201-262-2010.

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