Is Good Posture Really That Important?

January 18, 2021

Is Good Posture Really That Important?- AFC Urgent Care

You know, it really is! And the reason that good posture is so important is because your posture is linked to your spine health. Too much bad posture and your spine will eventually suffer. Lots of good posture and it will likely thrive as you age. Read on as our team at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City sheds more light on posture and its importance.

What Does Good Posture Mean?

The definition of good posture is the proper alignment of your body when you are standing or sitting. When you slouch, your body isn’t properly aligned, but slouching is much easier than sitting or standing up straight at first. In fact, learning how to correctly position your body will generally involve some mental and physical training! The training is worth it, though, as consistent good posture builds strong muscles, bones and ligaments.

Positive Physical Effects of Good Posture

  • Reduced lower back pain
  • Fewer headaches
  • Increased energy levels
  • Less tension in the shoulders and neck
  • Improved circulation and digestion

Are There Ways to Improve My Posture?

Absolutely! Truthfully, though, the best way to improve your posture is just to be mindful of how you are standing and sitting throughout the day. If you find yourself slouching, straighten your back and neck. While constantly correcting yourself can be annoying and feel fruitless at times, it will do wonders for your health and for avoiding some of the negative effects that we’ve listed below.

Negative Effects of Poor Posture

  • Spine curvature
  • Back pain
  • Increased neck and headaches
  • Poor sleep and sleep disruptions
  • Disrupted digestive system
  • Lack of motivation and lower energy levels

We’d encourage you to remind yourself to sit up straight! If you begin experiencing any of the above-mentioned health effects due to poor posture, don’t hesitate to stop by AFC Urgent Care Fountain City to get the medical care that you need.

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