How Do I Relieve a Headache?

November 15, 2019

Nearly everyone will experience a headache at one point or another, since they occur for a variety of reasons. Our team at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City wants you to know the different types of headaches, as well as steps you can take to both prevent and treat a headache so that you can get back to enjoying the holiday season! What Does Your Headache Mean? That’s a tricky question, because every headache occurs ...

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How Can I Get Flawless Skin?

November 1, 2019

With November being National Healthy Skin Month, our team at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City thought there was no better time than now to remind you of steps you can take to protect your skin from skin cancer—even during the colder months of the year! What Is the Main Function of the Skin? When many of us think about taking care of our organs, we think about our heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. But we ...

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