How Long Does a Sinus Infection Last?

November 17, 2022

Sinusitis, commonly known as a sinus infection, can cause uncomfortable symptoms that can last anywhere from ten days to several weeks. There are multiple types of sinus infections– acute, subacute and chronic. The length of infection depends on which infection you have, and whether it was caused by a virus or a bacteria. In this blog, we’ll outline some of the common symptoms associated with sinus infections, explain the differences in infection types, and discuss treatment options. If you’re suffering from sinus infection symptoms, consider visiting AFC Urgent Care Aurora Saddle Rock for walk-in diagnosis and treatment.

What are the common symptoms of sinus infections?

Generally, sinus infections are accompanied by a feeling of pressure or pain in the sinuses that can cause a variety of irritating symptoms. In most cases, sinusitis symptoms typically pass within ten days. However, in some cases, the symptoms can linger for longer if left untreated.

The common symptoms of sinus infections include:

  • Facial pressure / pain
  • Stuffy / runny nose
  • Headache
  • Postnasal drip
  • Fatigue
  • Lost of smell / taste
  • Sore throat
  • Ear pain

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s possible you have a sinus infection. Visit AFC Aurora Saddle Rock for treatment, in order to best avoid chronic sinusitis or other complications. 

What are the 3 types of sinusitis? 

Acute sinusitis is the most common and least threatening type of infection. Acute sinusitis usually lasts about ten days, with symptoms showing improvement after three to five days. Acute sinus infections are commonly caused by viral infections, like the common cold or influenza. In rare cases, these infections can also be the result of bacterial or environmental causes. A medical provider at AFC Aurora Saddle Rock can examine your symptoms and determine what your specific case is. 

Subacute sinusitis is another type of infection. Symptoms can linger from four to twelve weeks.  Subacute sinus infections are most commonly caused by bacteria, and can either result from another infection or seasonal allergies. Lastly, chronic  sinusitis is the most long-lasting infection at twelve weeks or longer. 

How are sinus infections treated?

The first step towards treating a sinus infection is to determine which type of infection you have, which can be done at an urgent care center. If your sinusitis is caused by a viral infection, antibiotics will not help alleviate symptoms.  Some options to help you find symptom relief are nasal spray, ibuprofen, or over-the-counter decongestants, but the infection will usually pass on its own within ten days. If the infection is bacterial, a medical provider will typically prescribe antibiotics in the treatment regimen. 

Contact AFC Urgent Care Aurora Saddle Rock for Treatment

If you’re suffering from a sinus infection, it’s important to receive medical care. At AFC Aurora Saddle Rock, our providers can examine your symptoms and help you plan treatment. Our clinic is open seven days a week, with extended weekend hours to fit the busiest schedules. Don’t let your symptoms get the best of you, and plan a visit to start your road to recovery. If you have any additional questions about sinus infections, or other urgent care services we provide, please call us directly at (303) 529-3300.

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