Why Should Patients Use Telemedicine Now? (and in the future?)

May 18, 2020

Telemedicine urgent care services are just one way in which healthcare providers are able to make sure patients are taken care of during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, patients are likely to value the continued use of telemedicine moving forward.

This is because telemedicine is extremely convenient and accessible for a majority of urgent care patients. Patients that have minor and acute illness symptoms like gastrointestinal issues, soreness, fever, cough, and headache can get fast treatment for urgent care. While emergency medical care requires the assistance of an ER or emergency hospital campus, any minor injuries are treatable via telemedicine.

Telemedicine use grew among providers, and was added to insurance benefits, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But telemedicine is likely to be a continued source of medical access for millions of patients moving forward. The benefits of telemedicine now, and in the near future, are likely to spur increased use among patients.

So why should patients consider using telemedicine for future healthcare needs? What are the main benefits of telemedicine for patients?

Helps prevent COVID-19 infection risk and other diseases

Waiting in a clinic lobby, or your doctor’s office, can lead to risks for COVID-19 as well as other infections from the cold and flu. But the good news for patients is that telemedicine allows you to get care from home.

Just book your appointment online and get care right in your home! There is no need to wait with other infected patients when you can get consulting and care all on your phone. The convenience of care at home allows you to avoid other potential infections, which ties into the next benefit for patients:

Get care without commuting or traveling to the doctor’s office with telemedicine

No need to travel or plan a specific time to take work for healthcare with telemedicine! Just book your appointment online while your urgent care center is open to find your next appointment. Providers can connect to your computer or smart device and guide you through treatment in your home.

Telemedicine makes it easy when you are juggling child care, work, school, or all of these things at once. Never defer care or a simple consult again.

On-demand and high-quality care

Telemedicine helps patients access healthcare even when they have a higher-than-normal risk of a serious COVID-19 infection, limited mobility, or a limited schedule. Telemedicine not only helps patients get the care they need, but it also ensures that patients get high-quality care from a trusted provider.

Telemedicine allows your provider to diagnose illness symptoms, coordinate future care, and ensure that you are healthy at all times! Book an appointment today for more information!

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