When Should I Visit Urgent Care for My Cough?

January 1, 2020

Having a cough is annoying, uncomfortable, and something that no one wants to deal with any longer than they have to. As annoying as a cough is, a lot of people think there’s nothing that can be done other than waiting for it to go away. That misconception leads to days spent feeling uncomfortable instead of days spent getting better! So, how do you know when it’s time to get some professional help for your cough? 

When to See a Doctor

You should see a doctor for your cough if your symptoms last for more than a week without signs of improvement. You should also visit the doctor if you notice yourself coughing up green phlegm, wheezing when you breathe, or if you’re having trouble catching your breath.

Fainting and swelling of the ankles along with a cough may be a sign of serious medical emergency. If you have a high fever along with your cough, seek medical attention as you may be suffering from the flu or an infection.

Home Remedies

If you just have a cough without the symptoms listed above, try some home remedies before visiting the doctor. Home remedies for a cough can include over the counter cough medicine, cough drops, and lozenges. Hot beverages such as tea or lemon water can soothe your throat and lessen the urge to cough.

A humidifier works to add moisture to the air, making it easier on your throat and lungs as you breathe. Don’t forget to rest and drink plenty of fluids, as well as addressing other symptoms you may have along with the cough.

Why Choose Urgent Care?

Urgent care is the best place to seek treatment for your cough because it allows you to get the treatment you need in a way that really works for you. Urgent care centers operate on a first come first serve basis which means you won’t spend hours waiting to be seen like you would in an emergency room.

There is also no appointment needed, unlike a primary care physician. Simply stop in when it’s convenient, get seen quickly, and get back to your routine! Another reason so many people choose the urgent care for their health needs is because they’re able to get the care that they need at a price they can afford. If you can get the same quality care without breaking the bank, why wouldn’t you?!

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