The Top Five Most Common Uses for Urgent Care Visits

April 14, 2023

Those who are looking for medical help that is both prompt and trustworthy often turn to urgent care facilities as an alternative. These locations do not need patients to make an appointment to treat a wide variety of urgent medical conditions since they are always ready to treat patients as needed.

Urgent care facilities provide patients with a wide range of services, from testing for sexually transmitted diseases to treating injuries quickly. Let's discuss the top five most prevalent reasons for visiting an urgent care facility and the factors contributing to their rising popularity.

STD Testing

The fear of contracting a sexually transmitted illness, sometimes known as an STD, is an issue of mental stress for many individuals. STD treatment and testing services are often provided in a discrete and convenient setting in urgent care facilities. Patients can get the treatment they need on time while maintaining their privacy since these procedures are often provided on a walk-in basis.

Quick Injury Treatment

Various ailments, such as cuts, sprains, and fractures, get great medical attention in urgent care facilities because of their extensive medical equipment. In addition, since these facilities provide on-site X-ray services, patients can get a fast and precise diagnosis. Splints, castings, and other therapies are also available to patients at urgent care facilities, which may help them control their pain and recover.

Lab Testing

Moreover, urgent care facilities often include laboratory testing services, such as blood work, urinalysis, and other diagnostic examinations. Patients can get their findings in a timely and effective manner because to the fact that these procedures are often conducted on-site. If more specialist testing is pertinent, urgent care clinics can also give referrals to other facilities.

Illness Prevention

Patients may benefit from various preventative care and wellness maintenance services available in urgent care locations. Vaccinations, flu injections, and other preventative care are some services provided here. Patients can also obtain instruction and guidance on protecting their health, avoiding infecting others, and counseling throughout their treatment.

General Medical Care

Moreover, urgent care facilities are always ready to offer primary medical care, which may include diagnosing and treating common ailments such as the common cold, influenza, and strep throat. When patients' primary care physicians are not accessible, it is simpler for them to get the necessary medical attention at these facilities since the hours of operation are more than usual, and the facilities are open on weekends. If it turns out to be essential, urgent care facilities can also give experts recommendations.

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