The Benefits of Getting a Flu Shot as Early as Possible

October 24, 2019

Waiting until the heart of flu season to remember your flu shot is a mistake that a staggeringly high number of people make each year. Experts say that you should try to get your flu shot at least a month before flu season actually begins, but some are recommending getting it even earlier than that. The benefits of getting an early flu shot this year may just be enough to make you stop into urgent care today and get vaccinated! 

Early Flu Shots are More Effective

The earlier the flu shot, the more time your body has to prepare before actually coming into contact with the flu. This preparation means your body is building antibodies that protect against this year’s flu strain. Children benefited the most by an early flu vaccine, especially since they’re sure to come into contact with it at school. Ultimately, it’s better to get protected early than wait until it’s too late!

Timing a flu shot right

Figuring out when exactly to get the flu vaccine is a challenge because there’s no way to know exactly when the flu will peak each year. It’s impossible to time it perfectly, so we recommend getting vaccinated as soon as the vaccines are in stock at an urgent care near you. If you receive your vaccine too early the flu peaks unexpectedly late, such as in April, your doctor may recommend a second dose of the vaccine. There’s no harm in getting a second dose later in the year for most groups of people which again leads to the conclusion that getting vaccinated early is the best route to take!

Stay protected longer from influenza

Getting vaccinated early means you’ll be protected for more months and weeks out of the year than you would be if you wait until the flu season is already here. You’re protected earlier and stay protected longer once you’ve had the vaccine, for those that do opt for a second dose of the flu shot towards the end of the flu season, they’re actually protected for more months out of the year than they aren’t!

Getting the flu shot for yourself, your children, and everyone in your home is an easy choice. With little to no side effects, easy access at any urgent care center, and little to no cost to you with most insurance plans, why not vaccinate? Better yet, get out there and get protected for as much of the year as you possibly can!

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