Keys to Hydration, Safety and Wellness

August 1, 2018


Summertime should be a time for activities in the sun & lots of fun! But we have to be very mindful of paying attention to what our bodies need. The body is made up of about 60% of water. This means we have to constantly be replenishing the body when we are losing water. If we don’t replace the water in our bodies that we lose, we then get dehydrated.

What is dehydration?

Dehydration occurs when we lose more fluids in the body than we put in. We lose fluids doing an everyday task. However, if we do the more strenuous task we need more fluids to keep up with ourselves. More strenuous task examples are:

  • Running
  • Exercise/lifting
  • swimming
  • Jumping
  • Working outside
  • Having a fever/sickness

When we are doing these task our bodies sweat and exert the fluids throughout our bodies. If we do these tasks in the heat our bodies exert even more fluids from our bodies.

What are the side effects of dehydration?

Some side effects can be subtle such as; an increase in thirst or a dry mouth. you may start to feel sleepy, weak or fatigued. More intense dehydration can give the side effects of; decreased urine output, or urine is more of a yellow color than usual, Dizzyness, headaches & no tears or sweat. Severe hydration has symptoms of; No urine output, Blood pressure drops from standing or sitting, rapid heart rate. If you have any of these serve symptoms you should go to your nearest emergency room immediately!

How can I cure dehydration?

The easiest way to beat dehydration if you think you may have symptoms to simply drink water or a drink with no sodium & high electrolytes.  We can treat your dehydration and get you ready to get to back out there and enjoy your summer in no time!


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