June is National Men’s Health Month

June 20, 2017


Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday every June. For this reason, June is also Men’s Health Month. This initiative aims to drive awareness concerning the health issues that affect men. American men live an estimated five years less than American women. This heavily contradicts the life expectancy back in the 1920’s, when women only lived an average of one year longer.

While men are more susceptible to a number of different illnesses than women, one issue with men is that many are resistant to going to the doctor’s office. Women visit their doctor’s office two times more than men do. By visiting the doctor’s office, you’re increasing your physician’s chances of diagnosing an illness or medical condition in its early stages. This could ultimately be life-saving, illustrating the importance of frequently visiting your primary care physician’s office.

Check out these men’s health facts:

  • 34.5% of men in the United States over 20 are obese
  • 32.6% of men in the United States suffer from hypertension
  • Women live an average of 81.2 years while men only live 76.4 years on average
  • Men suffer from hearing loss two times more than women
  • Depression is more common among men, as men commit suicide four times more than women

This Men’s Health Month, make sure everyone in your family has an appointment scheduled with their primary care physician. For all walk-in medical needs, call us at 732.222.8000 or walk into our convenient West Long Branch, NJ urgent care center any day of the week!


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