How to Prepare for a DOT Physical

June 11, 2019

Commercial drivers will require a DOT Physical for CDL renewal and ultimately maintaining their trucking career. The good news is that nearby walk-in clinics and urgent care centers can help drivers get DOT physicals on the same day as their visit. However, drivers will still want 

Most drivers will know for sure whether or not they are healthy enough to safely operate a truck or large commercial vehicle. But most truck drivers going into their exam will want to make sure that any food or beverages that they eat won’t skew exam results

So what should commercial drivers do to prepare for their sport and camp physicals?

Go into your DOT physical with updated health information

Prepare for your DOT physical with plenty of health information for your doctor. These pieces of information include medication lists, allergies, and similar information that details your unique healthcare needs and situations.

Without these specific pieces of information, a doctor could flag you for inadquete health in significant exam categories including vision, hearing, and medication adherence. Most DOT requirements allow drivers to still drive if they have the appropriate health and medication aid to perform tasks. For example, a driver can still drive a commercial vehicle if they require corrected vision through contact lenses or glasses.

Again, make sure to bring a list of prescriptions, recent healthcare events, and similar information to provide a through exam. It may provide the biggest difference between passing and potentially failing.

Cut down on caffeine and salt intake before your exam

A big part of any DOT physical is measuring chronic health indicators including blood pressure and cholesterol level. Limit both caffeine and salt to ensure that your blood pressure test results are not inflated.

Consuming any food heavy in sodium or added salt may increase your blood pressure and inflate the results of your blood pressure screening. Additionally, caffeine can do the same so try to limit your coffee intake to that morning cup at a maximum.

Cut down on big meals and relax before your DOT exam

Try to also limit your intake on certain foods before your DOT physical to make sure your cholesterol, sugar, and other chronic disease indicators are under control. Basic meals with plenty of vegetables, fruits, and other whole foods are the best way to eat before your exam.

In addition, stress can also raise your blood pressure and negatively skew the results of your exam. Try to relax with meditation, deep breathing, and even take a day off before your exam. Getting a DOT physical and passing is simple if you just follow these preparation steps!

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